This weekends New Zealand Truthaton – a discussion regarding the safety of Blood Transfusion taken from a vaccinated person to Baby Will – was very important. I would like to discuss some key points that many are not considering. First, nobody is doing live blood microscopy on any blood that has been donated. The mainstream allopathic hematologists and pathologists dismiss this technique as “bogus”. We have “experts” commenting on weather or not a blood transfusion is safe who have never looked at the blood since the rollout of the C19 injection. How can they be experts? Their recommendations are based on literature and assumptions of what they believe the C19 vials contain. But they have never analyzed vial contents themselves to verify their assumptions.

In the above image are the self assembly ribbons that form in a drop of Pfizer liquid when left on a slide.

Below you see a live blood sample of one of my patients performed with darkfield microscopy who received a blood transfusion within a week of this test. In this image, you see a ribbon like structure and rouleaux formation ( stacking of the blood). In one drop of blood I found many of these structures. This structure is huge, many more times the size of a red blood cell. We do not know if this structure comes from the recent blood transfusion, from shedding or other environmental exposure.

Magnification 10x

In a larger magnification we can see the abnormal rouleaux formation and the ribbon classically folding, which has been observed with Carbon based structures, often referred to as Graphene. We do not know if it is Graphene, Hydrogel or another substance, but we can say it does not belong in the blood.

Magnification 20x

In this image from the same person we see extensive background fibrin, abnormally shaped red blood cells with stacking. These red blood cells and the plasma with its high level of fibrin does not look healthy. This is commonly seen when people have these structures in the blood.

Imagine you were a doctor who is arguing that this blood is safe to transfuse into a baby. How would you know if it is if you never took a look? What do these large ribbons, that most front line doctors ignore, cause in the body? Could they cause clotting because of their size? Could the rouleaux stacking of the blood cause oxygen delivery problems? Could the high fibrin level cause a problem?

I am exceedingly glad that the people are starting to ask these questions. Imagine now that we have an unvaccinated person who was subject to shedding. They have blood full of these ribbons. Would you take their blood? We can see the micro scale here, but have no idea if on a Nano scale microtechnology was transferred. Do you believe that at this point, when 70% of humanity has been injected with this technology that is self disseminating via shedding – that there is any safe blood left? How could we answer that?

My recommendation would be that first, we need to start looking. Around the world, demands for untainted blood are increasing. I have written and shown my research that shows unvaccinated blood looks just like vaccinated now.

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18 days ago · 83 likes · 147 comments · Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

If people got a C19 injection that did not contain mRNA, so it does not contain spike proteins, but they did get Nano and microtechnology, would you take that blood? Would you as a parent give it to your unvaccinated baby?

These questions are very challenging to face. We started the conversation this weekend. I invite people to get their own microscope. We have laypeople who are looking at their own blood and it is full of these structures that doctors ignore. What if that is what grows into those huge blood clots that the embalmers pull out of suddenly deceased people? Should those unvaccinated people who donate to unvaccinated future blood banks get EDTA chelation and live blood analysis prior donating? Should the vaccinated get treated the same before donating blood? Should live blood analysis become a mandatory procedure world wide to ensure that these large ribbon structures do not get transferred to the one getting the transfusion? Should we go farther and use Electron Microscopy to ensure that there is no nanotechnology in the blood transfusion?

We have more questions than answers. I recommend to proceed with caution. When people ignore key data and world wide findings and make recommendations, they are likely to come to an incomplete or incorrect conclusion. In medicine, such a wrong conclusion could cost a life.