Vaccinated people around the world are showing AIDS-like symptoms

Thursday, February 17, 2022 by: Mary Villareal
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Image: Vaccinated people around the world are showing AIDS-like symptoms

(Natural News) Doctors and scientists are baffled by the massive numbers of people showing AIDS-like symptoms following mass vaccinations worldwide.

In a recent episode of “InfoWars,” Alex Jones broke down the rising cases of HIV, as well as the pharmaceutical companies’ plans of injecting the population with more mRNA bioweapons to counter the deadly Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

Jones noted that trials of mRNA vaccines for HIV have already started and volunteers in the U.S. have recently received their first experimental dose. This vaccine has been developed in partnership with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and Bill Gates. (Related: Cases of vaccine-induced VAIDS on the rise due to mass covid vaccination.)

Problems with mRNA vaccines apparent as VAIDS cases increase

Instead of protecting people, the COVID-19 vaccines are giving a form of vaccine acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (VAIDS). According to the mainstream media, the vaccines protect people from the outside virus. “It’s all a giant fraud,” Jones said.

HIV cases are exploding everywhere. It spreads faster and kills quicker. But what does the COVID virus have to do with it?

The COVID-19 vaccines, which had been rolled out since December 2020, were found to attack white blood cells. Scientists say that injections of the Moderna vaccine are five to 10 times more powerful than the virus. This is being used to attack the whole world. (Related: As covid injections spread autoimmune disease and “VAIDS,” media pivots to incoming AIDS “vaccine” that will only accelerate the vaccine genocide.)

Moderna’s mRNA vaccine gives people a new type of autoimmune deficiency disorder that’s much worse. Usually, HIV can stay dormant for five to 10 years, but VAIDS does not wait that long. It now takes only six months to a year, maybe two, depending on the immune system, before the disease can eat through all of a person’s white blood cells.

America’s Frontline Doctors also said that the vaccine shots are creating “vaccine addicts” whose bodies will not be able to ward off diseases. The rate of admissions of immunocompromised patients was also blamed for the government’s failure to roll out the booster shots fast enough, although this did not consider long-term effects.

There are unprecedented numbers of people with AIDS-like conditions now, and it’s almost completely among the vaccinated. Moderna and other Big Pharma companies are now coming out with the mRNA HIV vaccines.

Moreover, people will need to keep getting their shots and it will end up killing them. With every shot of the vaccine, people damage their immune system, which means that they may end up being just one shot away from VAIDS as they try to protect themselves from the virus.

“So suddenly, there’s all these mutations and all these things going on. And the very people that created HIV before made this new system in a lab and have now released it. So they have plausible deniability and think we’re dumb and just say, ‘Oh, my God, AIDS is now everywhere.’ HIV that causes AIDS, as they say, is everywhere. This is so diabolical,” Jones said.

VAIDS will eventually give people cancer, and the people who give these vaccines that cause VAIDS to their kids will never admit that they were screwed over. “They’ll Stockholm Syndrome and go in and get more mRNA shots to supposedly mitigate what they were already injected with. And no one will be able to face the full horror of this.”

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