“From 10 October 2022, CSNSW staff members will no longer be required to be vaccinated against Covid-19 as a condition of employment,” stated the Commissioner for Corrective Services New South Wales (“CSNSW”) on 7 October.

This comes after a 99% “compliance” of CSNSW to get vaccinated.  We place “compliance” in quotation marks because when someone is given the choice of “no jab, no job” then it isn’t “compliance” it’s coercion, at best.

One of our readers has had personal experience with CSNSW’s “compliance.”  He was dismissed for gross misconduct as he refused to be injected.  For almost a year he has been fighting his unfair dismissal.

It’s important to note that the CSNSW has backtracked on their coercion of the general public as well. The Commissioner further stated: “All Visitors/Contractors/third party organisations to CSNSW locations (including Correctional Centres) will also no longer be required to show proof of vaccination to enter.”

Attached below is a copy of the Commissioner’s statement sent to us by our reader.

Dear The Exposé,

Corrective Services NSW re-employing staff fired for not getting injected

Let me state from the beginning I have been following and using your information for my unfair dismissal claim going on nearly a year now.

I live in NSW, Australia, and I was working for the Corrective Services NSW which is a branch of the Department of Communities and Justice (“DCJ”).

I have information that is not being covered by Australian media – the Corrective Services NSW employees that were dismissed for not getting injected are now being re-employed.

I state again: re-employed NOT re-instated. This means the State Government is attempting to get out of paying back pay for staff that were unfairly dismissed.

I was dismissed for gross misconduct and now we are being informed that there was no misconduct!

The PDF attached has been officially released to me after harassing CSNSW for the past week. I have friends still working there that forwarded me this internal memo.  After many emails and phone calls, I managed to get CSNSW to email the memo to me, officially. They eventually complied as I have an active matter before the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for unfair dismissal.

Please use it anyway way you want. This is big news! The DCJ itself employs over 40,000 people and if that Department has backed down, they all have within the NSW Government.

I am writing an email to them for this Monday, with many questions, aiming to comprehend where I stand in my matter.

One of those questions is: What medical/scientific evidence is being used to validate the DCJ now not mandating injections as a condition of employment as the WHO has not said there is no pandemic?

As stated, no one in Australia is reporting on this.


Scott White, New South Wales, Australia

Source: expose-news.com