A French documentary ‘Ukraine: The masks of the revolution’ by Paul Moreira was broadcast on the French TV channel Canal + in 2016. The Ukrainian Embassy in Paris asked to have the broadcast of the film in France taken off the air. But what is in there that the Ukrainian authorities were so afraid of? Maybe the truth?

The documentary exposed the ugly underbelly of Ukraine’s Maidan uprising in 2014 that overthrew the elected president and installed a US-backed, fiercely anti-Russian regime which unleashed armed neo-Nazis.

Moreira is a French journalist and documentary filmmaker. He is based in Paris, France. He has directed several investigative documentaries in conflict zones, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Palestine, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. 

What he shows in ‘Ukraine: The masks of the revolution’, as surprising as the contents may be to a Western audience, actually represents very basic journalism – reporting on events that are quite well known inside Ukraine even as this dark underbelly of the Maidan “revolution” has been hidden from most Europeans and Americans.

Though Moreira’s documentary presented material that was undeniably true much from the public record it was revelatory for many Westerners familiar only with the pro-Maidan images and commentary carried by the West’s mainstream news media. Because the documentary clashed with this “conventional wisdom,” it immediately became “controversial.”

The documentary draws upon his interviews with leaders of the rightist paramilitary groups and extreme nationalist politicians as well as other Ukrainians on both sides of the conflict. He showed the attacks on police by Maidan street fighters before Yanukovych’s overthrow on Feb. 22, 2014, and the May 2, 2014 massacre in Odessa of 46 Russian-speaking demonstrators who opposed the new regime.

“Without them, there would have been no Ukrainian revolution”

https://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x47kcr8?pubtool=oembedUkraine: The Masks of the Revolution, Moreira, Trailer (6 mins)

The documentary has been cleansed from YouTube but you can watch the full 52-minute documentary ‘Ukraine: The masks of the revolution’ on Rumble HERE or Bitchute HERE.

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