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Auf einem Telegram Kanal wurde es gut zusammengefaßt:

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Why does German Opposition censor Dr. Michael Yeadon’s talk at “2nd Corona Symposium”?

Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party in German Bundestag holds 2-day-Symposium in the Reichstag only to decide Yeadon’s warning unfit for publication. Raises concerns as to the kind of game they play.


After a two day Symposium in the German Bundestag, which sits in Session in the reconstructed Version of what the Nazi’s burned down in order to implement sweeping powers for Hitler, the “Alternative fuer Deutschland” has cut the presentation given by former Pfizer VP Respiratory, Dr. Michael Yeadon.

This follows irritation by observers who had criticised that no live-stream had been made available for the Symposium, which took place on November 12 and 13, 2023.

One week later the parliamentary caucus of the AfD, whose Working Group on Health had organized the conference, published the edited recordings of the first and the second day of the conference. But Dr. Yeadon’s presentation, which at 3:27:55 was announced by Working Group chairman Siechert, was not (!) included in that documentation.

“Freedom instead of Vaccine Subscription” was the title of the Symposium. Dr. Yeadon was supposed to speak about “Global Dangers for Health and Freedom” on Day 2.

Dr. Yeadon was totally shocked when he learned about the cutting out of his presentation. “I would want it included. If it has been removed, that’s VERY troubling”, Yeadon told Austrian Journalist Sophia-Maria Antonulas.

According to her report, AfD representative Dr. Christina Baum explained that she, too, was totaly surprised by the parliamentary caucus leadership’s decision to cut Yeadon out, allegedly for fear of getting a strike on YouTube. The video recording, however, was not released on any of the several other AfD outlets. Not on X/Twitter, not on Facebook, not on Telegram.

Observers suspect that Yeadon may have struck a line which the party leadership did not want amplified, possibly because he may have questioned the existence of a pathogen with epidemic potential, or because he expressed his concern for Mass-Genocide being a goal which those who are behind the Covid-Scam are intending. According to witnesses to Yeadon’s talk, he addressed similar issues, in similar urgency, which he also had addressed in Vera Sharav’s documentary Never Again Is Now Global.

Excerpt from Never Again Is Now Global, Part 4. Click Image to play.


Dr. Yeadon has commented on his personal telegram channel.

I may have mentioned that I had been invited to address a sizeable gathering in the German parliament, a couple of weekends ago? A lengthy session arranged by the party of the admirably feisty MEP, Christine Anderson, the AfD. They have something like 82 members of Parliament, mostly in the former East, and 9 MEPs. Not too shabby. I was promised an audience of 90 elected representatives and 200 eager officials, together possessing a veritable alternative network that doesn’t rely on mainstream media for its communication. They realised early that they were never going to get a fair shake by their media, so decided to not try to pretend to be like the other parties and simply represent those with no voice. Admirable stuff. So, persuaded it was worth a shot, I prepared a short talk. I was surprised to find I had the last slot & looking at the people & topics, I thought, wow, I’ve got a chance to really get an impact.

I simplified & focused on the alleged vaccines. How there could never have been sufficient time to have done what was claimed. That even if the narrative was true, virtually nobody would benefit from it because they’re not at risk. That pregnant women have for 60 years never been exposed to new medicines, not even once fully approved.

Then I described rational drug design, and my career using it. The awful conclusion that toxicity was built into these agents. Five discrete mechanisms of toxicity. By the way, our molecular biology experts find an additional handful of mechanisms of harm, to do with nuclear entry, all superfluous to the notional purpose.

The conclusion is that we are under intense attack. That we can repel these evil people by sufficient of us simply refusing to comply with the campaign of fear. The economy may be decimated in whatever is coming but that we can recover as free individuals.

After I’d finished, there was a strange noise. It was the usual polite applause, but a roar that simply didn’t stop. I switched camera view on my screen. The whole place was on its feet. They were clapping like mad. It went on for an embarrassing 2-3 minutes.

Gratified, I mumbled thanks for the opportunity to speak to them and ended the link.

I learned yesterday that dissenting voices in AfD had decided my opinions were too extreme and they’ve excised my presentation from the link to the session, which I understand has now been made public.

It’s very depressing and frustrating to find I’m being censored by what I thought was our own side.

I don’t think I’m going to get a copy of my own speech, either.

If you know anyone connected to whatever is going on there, we’d love to hear a perspective from the inside.

Best wishes


Ps: someone alleged that there had been a problem with the sound. I don’t believe that for a moment.

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated an incorrect first name for AfD representative, Dr. Christina Baum.

Thanks to neveragainisnowglobal.substack.com

FAZIT: Es ist genau so, wie es im heutigen Post hier auf “Coldwellian Times” durch Ernst Wolff beschrieben wurde: Selbst wenn eine neue Bundesregierung gewählt werden sollte…. Es würde rein gar nichts daran ändern, woran mit Hochtouren gearbeitet wird – nämlich die Bargeldabschaffung etc… Und was sagt das dem aufmerksamen “Coldwellian Times – Leser” bzw. weiß er bereits längst… – Auch die AfD spielt mit.

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