Did China really suppress the coronavirus in its Wuhan lockdown of early 2020, or was the claimed success of the lockdowns all a hoax? So successful was the dramatic drop in cases during the Wuhan lockdown that World Health Organization told the rest of the world to abandon their preplanned pandemic responses and lockdown their nations like China did. So we followed World Health Organization’s advice. The end result had a disastrous impact on global populations, and World Health Organization soon admitted that the lockdowns in other nations weren’t eliminating the virus. Yet, China continues to press on with lockdowns today as part of its Zero-Covid Policy, determined to repeat its success of Wuhan 2020.

So why did China’s lockdown appear to be so successful in 2020. The answer most likely lies in the fact that China altered its case definition of the illness caused by the coronavirus, which China eventually named novel coronavirus pneumonia at the time. In fact, the case definition of the illness was changed eight times in China by early March, 2020. Can We Believe Any of China’s Coronavirus Numbers? | Time.Quality journalism costs money to produce.We will be reinvesting the proceeds of these subscriptions into an increasing volume of high quality, independent, unbiased reporting and expert analysis. Our subscription tiers use the ‘honor system’ – please do not abuse it. All tiers of service provide the same level of access to content. We are grateful for all of you, and we hope you reciprocate.