Where do most of your medicines come from?  Has corporate media in the US become part of the federal government?  Has Google become our enemy?  Are climate fanatics in the UK trying to shut down rental properties? Has NHS England’s demands for data sharing just ended doctor-patient confidentiality? European countries want to limit all flights to prevent the seas from boiling – is that idea even remotely plausible? Are the Globalists promoting transgenderism because they want fewer people on the Earth? And what is the real reason teachers in the UK are on strike?

Dr. Vernon Coleman offers his insights into these questions and more.

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

1. Most medicines used in the West come from the Far East. If America declares war on China (or vice versa) then most people reliant on prescription medicines (such as diabetics) will die. And Taiwan is responsible for the production of most of the world’s semiconductors. Manufacturers can’t produce cars, smartphones, computers, kitchen appliances, etc., without them. Modern cars have around 1,400 semiconductors built into them. And yet 60% of all semiconductors are made in Taiwan. And most are made by a single company. Those cheering on a war between China and America might like to reflect on those facts.

2. The media becomes ever closer to the establishment. For example, The New York Times (“NYT”), once a campaigning paper, appears to have become a branch of the US Government. The NYT boasted that it helped track down the leaker who exposed secrets about the American involvement in Ukraine. We should starve these malign companies by depriving them of an income. And let’s starve the BBC by (legally) depriving it of the licence fee payments. The BBC is supposed to cater for everyone – not just the woke and the scientifically illiterate.

3. YouTube and Google are our enemies. Everyone with a YouTube channel is, by definition, controlled opposition. And if you watch YouTube you are helping raise advertising money for the most evil of all American companies. And you helping to support the Democrats, the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) and the World Economic Forum (“WEF”).

4. In the UK, the climate change psychos are forcing commercial property owners to obtain new energy performance certificates by 2027. Landlords who cannot afford the absurd changes will have to shut down their buildings. Expect a massive reduction in the availability of rental property.

5. British Prime Minister Sunak is still claiming he will control inflation. This is one promise he shouldn’t be allowed to forget. (If he truly believes he can do this then he has the IQ of a build-it-yourself IKEA wardrobe.)

6. Lawyers in London can earn £170,000 a year after two years of training.

7. Pensioners are constantly getting poorer – especially in the UK. For example, Germany spends 10.4% of GDP on pensions. The USA spends 14.5% of GDP on providing decent pensions. The UK spends a minute 5.1% of GDP on pensions. The lowest in the Western world. And still psychotic millennials and younger complain that the elderly are treated too generously. Worse still things are going to get worse. There is talk of taking up an old EU plot – and confiscating private pensions to use the money to feed the Government’s empty coffers. Think it couldn’t happen? Just wait and see. Meanwhile, inflation is eating away at savings and pension funds.

8. NHS England has asked all hospital trusts to upload patient data onto a massive database. There will then be no privacy whatsoever and drug companies will soon know when you last had your bowels open, how many fags you smoke and what you eat for breakfast. There was a time, now long gone, when medical confidentiality was considered a crucial element in the doctor-patient relationship. It is now no more than a memory and medicine is much poorer for the loss.

9. Italy’s new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, wants to make cash king again. She has, inevitably, been accused of sending Italy backwards. She is the only decent politician in the world. I hope she stands firm.

10. European countries want to limit all flights to prevent the seas from boiling. Everything the climate change psychos say is a lie. Read Zina Cohen’s book Greta’s Homework if you want the truth about global warming.

11. Don’t support Robert Kennedy’s ambition to become US President. He’ll be worse than Biden. He wants to punish people who don’t believe in climate change. I despise climate change believers but I wouldn’t want them punished for holding their pseudo-scientific views. The Kennedy family has always promised much but delivered nothing – specialising in froth over substance.

12. It is being argued that hospitals aren’t safe for women. That’s sexist. Hospitals aren’t safe for anyone over the age of 60. The elderly are being deliberately, indiscriminately slaughtered and no one much cares. If homosexuals, Jews or women were targeted and killed in the way that the elderly are targeted and killed there would be an outcry.

13. A UK supermarket company called Asda is delivering shopping using self-driving Jaguar cars. (Electric cars, of course.) A safety driver and an Asda employee will travel in the vehicle with the shopping. The driver is there to make sure the car doesn’t hit too many pedestrians. The Asda employee is there to unload the shopping. In the old days, supermarkets used a van with a driver and the system seemed to work quite well. Progress can be difficult to fathom sometimes.

14. Man-made climate change is real now that idiots are blocking out the sun’s rays by sprinkling powder into the atmosphere.

15. The globalists are promoting transgenderism because they want fewer people on planet earth. Their aim is to reduce the global population by 90% or more. Young women who are convinced that they are male will not have babies. And young men who are convinced that they are women will not have babies. Sterility is an inevitable consequence of tinkering with the genitalia. And so transgenderism must be considered to be part of the depopulation plan.

16. Millions of people no longer want to work. They have made themselves deliberately unemployed – and permanently so – by claiming to be suffering from a chronic illness (usually the imaginary “long covid” syndrome). These individuals have effectively put themselves on Universal Basic Income – and they are collaborating with the globalists. The biggest and most significant research into long covid, involving 26,000 individuals, concluded that long covid is largely a psychological problem. Nevertheless, in America, there are 12 million people off work with this imaginary disorder. In the UK there are two million long covid “sufferers” signed off sick – unable to work. Technically the UK has its lowest unemployment rate for years but that’s only because the long covid scammers are receiving sickness benefit and don’t count as being unemployed. The truth is that people who had taken a year off work on full pay didn’t want to go back to their offices. The evidence shows that long covid is a combination of hypochondria and malingering. Long covid has provided the woke with an excellent excuse to stop work forever. It’s the beginning of the Universal Basic Income – a critical part of the Great Reset now being trialled in Wales and Ireland. There was never a global covid pandemic but now we have a global long covid pandemic. Governments have welcomed the growth in the number of alleged covid sufferers because it helps make people afraid of the rebranded flu – and accept the jabs which are dishonestly promoted as preventing it. Governments know that if a huge chunk of the workforce stays at home the disruption and the cost will severely damage the economy. The false long covid disease is an excellent cover for the injuries caused by the covid-19 jabs. A list of the commonest side effects associated with the covid-19 jabs just happens to be the same as the commonest symptoms associated with “long covid.” Long covid is keeping NHS staff at home and causing NHS waiting lists to soar still higher – all part of the deliberate plan to wreck health care. Oh, and if people weren’t off sick with alleged long covid, the unemployment figures would be much higher. And that would be another embarrassment for beleaguered Governments. Naturally, anyone who dares to look at the evidence – and question the long covid myth – is dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and banned from sharing their views. As usual, there is no debate in the corporate media where journalists are terrified of the truth and have to cover their eyes if a fact threatens their daily deceit. In his classic book ‘The Press’, A.J. Liebling, the legendary writer for The New Yorker magazine wrote that “the function of the press in society is to inform, but its role is to make money.” Sadly, the press no longer has a function. It merely has a role.

17. Artificial intelligence (including chatbots) are only as bright and as well-informed as the technicians who feed them information. Since the majority of IT technicians are thick and bigoted, this means that chatbots are also thick and bigoted. It is nonsense to suggest that chatbots can ever be more than a mild and fairly crude form of entertainment. And if they become too annoying, we can just unplug them.

18. Insane greens in Germany have forced the German government to abandon nuclear power. The last nuclear power station has now been closed and Germany (cut off from Russian gas when America blew up the Nord Stream pipeline) is dependent on obtaining fossil fuels (oil and gas) from wherever it can. There is going to be much shivering in Germany next winter. And instead of hot meals, the Germans will be eating a lot of salads. I hope they remember to thank the climate change eco-fascists. For the truth about oil please read my book ‘A Bigger Problem than Climate Change.

19. The General Medical Council in the UK is unfit for purpose and should be closed down. Like the BBC it does far more harm than good. The shortage of GPs in Britain is almost entirely the fault of the General Medical Council which introduced a bureaucratic system known as “revalidation” which means that doctors have to spend many days each year collecting and filling in forms. Many doctors are so fed up with the red tape that they’ve taken early retirement. And the absurd and much hated revalidation system means that once a doctor has retired, he or she can never work again. It is because of the GMC that most doctors were too afraid to speak out and tell the truth about the fake covid pandemic and the dangerous covid-19 jab. (For more about the GMC read my article entitled ‘Here’s why cowardly doctors didn’t dare stand up and tell the truth about covid and the jab.’)

20. Teachers who are going on strike (in denial of the statement from a Bank of England employee that we must all regard ourselves as poorer) must surely know that their strikes cannot succeed. If public employees are given huge pay rises then the rate of inflation will soar, Venezuela style and everyone will lose. So why are they striking? It is difficult to avoid the thought that the strikes are organised as part of the Great Reset – to destroy the education system, to continue the damage done by the closure of schools during the lockdowns and to create economic havoc by forcing parents to stay at home to look after their children.


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