A Tory MP says that ‘we are now at war in Europe’ and called for the UK to ‘face Russia directly’ over Vladimir Putin’s ongoing and faltering invasion of Ukraine.

Ellwood says we should face Russia head on (Image: Sky News)

Conservative Party MP Tobias Ellwood has said that the UK is “at war in Europe” and called for us to “face Russia directly”, sparking World War Three fears.

The Chairman of the Commons Defence Select Committee made the comments while speaking to Sky News regarding Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Although he praised what we are already doing – sending weapons to Ukraine to be used against the Russian invaders – Ellwood called for us to become more involved.

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That is, rather than “leaving Ukraine to do all the work”.

Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine in February last year (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

He said in full: “We are now at war in Europe. We need to move to a war footing. We are involved in that.

“We have mobilised our procurement processes, we’re gifting equipment.

“We need to face Russia directly, rather than leaving Ukraine to do all the work.”

However, he also expressed concerns over the state of the British Army, which he said is in a “dire state”.

Being a former British Army Officer, Ellwood called on the government to stop the “cuts” to allow more resources for the troops currently training.

Amid these concerns, a US General told British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace this week that the British Army is no longer seen as a high level fighting unit due to the constant financial strain and cuts undertaken by the Conservative government.

Russia Ukraine war
The Russian invasion of Ukraine is nearing it’s one year anniversary (Image: AFP via Getty Images)

Despite this, Ellwood says that the UK “needs to move to a war footing” due to the “war in Europe.”

Twitter users claim that the Tory MP is desperate to involve us in “someone else’s war”.

Halima Khan commented: “These people will send our brothers and sons to fight someone else’s war, turn the United Kingdom into a prime target, while they count their arms sales from their Ivory towers.

“Only the poor fight and lose in the rich man’s war.”

Despite the fears of the British Army’s standard, Rishi Sunak believes our forces are “top-level”, according to a Downing Street official.

Source: Thanks to Daily Star