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Amy Mek

Since 2015, Germany has witnessed a disturbing surge in sexual violence, raising concerns about the impact of migration policies implemented during Angela Merkel’s tenure as Chancellor.

Germany is currently facing a grave and escalating problem of gang rapes, with record-high numbers reported last year. These heinous crimes seriously threaten women’s safety in the country. Disturbingly, half of these crimes were committed by foreigners, highlighting the need for immediate attention and comprehensive solutions.

Alarming Statistics and Impact

In 2022, Germany witnessed an alarming total of 789 gang rapes, averaging more than two such assaults per day or 15 per week. These shocking figures represent a distressing new record, surpassing the 677 cases reported in 2021 and the 380 cases in 2017. Each week, the lives of 15 women and girls are destroyed by the horrific abuse they suffer at the hands of multiple assailants.

Since 2015, Germany has witnessed a disturbing surge in sexual violence, raising concerns about the impact of migration policies implemented during Angela Merkel’s tenure as Chancellor. The influx of over one million predominantly male migrants from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East has coincided with the alarming rise in these crimes. However, there are growing concerns that authorities may be downplaying the issue, possibly to prevent anti-immigration sentiments.

Foreign Perpetrators and Migration Background

The statistics reveal that foreigners, predominantly Syrians, and Afghans, were responsible for half of the reported gang rapes in Germany. It is important to note that the migration background of the remaining perpetrators is unknown, as this information has not been collected or published. Their history of open borders and granting hordes of illegals citizenship over the years further complicates the evaluation of precise backgrounds.

Germany’s Imported Problem and Cultural Factors

Germany is grappling with an imported problem in relation to gang rapes. Similar challenges can be observed in Scandinavian countries as well. The mass influx of young men from predominantly Muslim countries, where different values and customs prevail, has created various complications. These men exhibit a will to humiliate and degrade their victims, making it clear that their actions are driven by a demonstration of power rather than the instinctual gratification associated with typical cases of rape.

“Taharrush Gamea” and Immigration Policies

Within the Mohammedan culture, there exists a practice known as “taharrush gamea,” which involves coordinated communal sexual harassment of women. Unfortunately, liberal immigration policies have led to the spread of this practice in Europe. If the influx of immigrants from these countries continues, there is little hope for improvement in the future. One cannot help but wonder how long it will take to reach the grim milestone of 1,000 such attacks per year.

Calls for Border Protection and AfD’s Perspective

Amidst these alarming circumstances, the anti-illegal immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party emphasizes the crucial link between border protection and women’s safety. A parliamentary request by AfD Bundestag member Stephan Brandner sheds light on the extent of gang rapes in Germany, revealing a 16 percent increase in such acts in 2022 compared to the previous year. The figures for the composition of the perpetrators are clear, debunking claims that deny any connection between mass migration and the breakdown of internal security.

Stepan Brandner, AfD’s deputy spokesman, voices disappointment with the lack of serious government aspirations to protect German women from this madness. He highlights the urgent need to close borders, enforce deportations, and end mass migration as essential measures for addressing the issue. While other Bundestag parties refuse to acknowledge this insight, the AfD firmly believes that border protection is crucial to women’s protection.


Censorship has become a concerning issue surrounding the reporting of migrant crimes in Germany. In the interests of ‘fair reporting,’ there have been instances where authorities, such as the Press Council, have demanded the removal of information about the nationalities of criminal suspects from news publications. This censorship aims to avoid discrimination but has raised questions about transparency and accountability. By concealing such crucial details, authorities risk downplaying the extent of the problem and hindering public awareness.

Germany finds itself in the grip of an alarming surge in gang rapes, demanding immediate action and comprehensive solutions. Despite the undeniable increase in these abhorrent crimes, the left-wing government has turned a blind eye to the urgent need for women’s safety. Rather than acknowledging the inherent dangers of mass migration and taking decisive steps to protect its citizens, Germany’s migrant rape crisis continues unabated, day after day, year after year. In stark contrast, the AfD party has long been at the forefront, tirelessly advocating for border protection as a fundamental pillar in safeguarding women. They emphasize the necessity of closing borders, enforcing deportations, and ultimately ending mass migration. Left-wing policymakers must start confronting this distressing issue head-on and unite with the AfD to safeguard its German citizens.

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