JK Rowling has slammed trans rights activists in New Zealand and the UK, labelling scenes in Auckland ‘repellant’ after anti-trans campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen was hit with tomato sauce.

The controversial activist, who is known as Posie Parker, was doused with tomato juice at her rally on Saturday, forcing her to leave the protest early in the back of a police car.

The attack has now brought into question whether she will go forward with her upcoming rally in Wellington, with angry protesters making their views that the mother, from Wiltshire, is not welcome.

Meanwhile in London today, pro-trans activists gathered outside an event held by The Lesbian Project – it’s first workshop which it says aims to put ‘lesbians back in focus’.

Harry Potter author Rowling shared a tweet from one of the workshop’s attendees, which claimed that activists outside were aiming to disrupt the meeting and ‘protesting that lesbians are meeting without men present’.

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