DARPA has openly bragged on Twitter that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine technology, and by extension Moderna’s Covid vaccine, was a product of their ADEPT program.

Below, Spartacus takes a look at the paper trail that shows Moderna is just another front in the Biodefence Mafia.

The introduction of foreign nucleic acids – RNA or DNA – into the body to generate foreign proteins is, by definition, gene therapy, regardless of whether or not the subject’s own genes are changed by it.

Cationic lipids, like the lipid nanoparticles used in mRNA vaccines, are capable of transfecting basically any type of cell with instructions to make proteins.  If the immune system catches a cell producing non-human proteins, some seriously bad things will happen to that cell.

There has been a major push for the adoption of nucleic acid vaccine tech in prior years, largely hidden from the public eye. In order to begin tracing it out, one must simply perform date range searches for the years prior to 2020, for nucleic acid vaccines. The cheerleaders of this technology immediately reveal themselves. And they are all looking for technology that is easy, rapid, and cost-effective for development and manufacture.

Naturally, the military would be interested in this technology for quickly vaccinating large populations of people against bioweapons ahead of pandemic spread, because it offers the potential for rapid development and deployment of countermeasures in a wartime scenario with equally rapid-developed bioweapons being flung all over the place.  This is where DARPA’s ADEPT comes in.

DARPA openly brag on Twitter that Moderna’s mRNA vaccine technology, and by extension Moderna’s Covid vaccine, was a product of ADEPT.  As Stat News reported:

“A review of dozens of patent applications found [Moderna] received approximately $20 million from the federal government in grants several years ago and the funds “likely” led to the creation of its vaccine technology. This was used to develop vaccines to combat different viruses, such as Zika and, later, the virus that causes Covid-19.”

Corporate media, with few exceptions, are largely silent on this matter.  The reason you have been kept in the dark is because you are the target of a globe-spanning military operation, with population reduction, mass surveillance, tyrannical control of people’s movements, and the destruction of human autonomy through implanted technology as its end goal.

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Source: expose-news.com