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The 15 minute city is another enlightened idea being pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), you know, the people trying to enslave and destroy the human race. Centralized control over computerized elections, assaulting most of the human race with C19 and C19 injection biological weapons, working toward the total control with a centralized digital bank currency, just to name a few of their great ideas. Listening to the WEF it is just the next logical step in urban development. Well, since the WEF has put out videos asserting that you will own nothing and be happy, maybe we should take a second look at this within the context of a potential threat.

According to German MEP Christine Anderson who is raising red flags as reported by Infowars:

“The COVID pass was a test balloon to get people to have to produce some kind of QR code. Just getting people used to that,” she said.

“Now what they’re slamming with is these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake, it’s not about your convenience. It’s not that they want you to be able to have all these places you need to get to very close. And it’s not about saving the planet either, by the way. The 15-minute cities will have to have [QR codes] before they can lock you down.”

Anderson said the 15-minute cities are necessary to keep the populations properly locked down, citing a new UK law that lays the groundwork for “climate lockdowns” as the “next step” in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan.

“In order to do that, they will have to have these 15-minute cities,” she said, adding that the globalists will then charge the population for access to freely travel.

“So the poor people will be left in these 15-minute neighborhoods while the ones that are better off get to go wherever they want to go,” she said.

This description sounds a bit more like sophisticated concentration camps. Given the past three years or so we may want to take this seriously. After all, if I said in October of 2019 that a prison term like ‘lockdown’ would be a global phenomenon, or that people would be dumb enough to wear face masks and follow little lines on the floor, or that millions of Americans would be forced or coerced into injecting a biological weapon, you may have said I was paranoid….

Another red flag is that if you search the term 15 minute city you get mostly articles debunking the so called 15 minute city conspiracy theory. Here is a snippet of what ABC’s online Australian fake news site says:

“To a small group of others, it’s a plot by “tyrannical bureaucrats” to take our cars and control our lives, which could lead to a real-life Hunger Games scenario.

After outlandish claims about lizard people, 5G and COVID-19 vaccines, conspiracy theorists are now targeting the world of urban planning, with protests against the 15-minute city concept springing up around the globe.”

This is telling. The fake news site references people that question C19 vaccines. It has been established that C19 and C19 injections were both biological and technological weapons. We also know that Plasma DNA is an ingredient of Pfizer’s shots and that mRNA is an operating system per Moderna’s website for the purposes of gene editing. Hence, we are looking at a biological and technological weapon for the purpose of merging human biology with technology.

Maybe as a rule of thumb, we should just assume whatever the fake news states is a conspiracy theory is actually what they are attempting to do? 

The WEF depopulationist crowd is promoting global totalitarianism and it would appear that 15 minutes cities are an element of the global takedown. Smart cities using the most advanced technology to monitor, corral, and continue to experiment on the lessor humans that will be kept around for spare parts. 

I actually had to use the Russian search engine Yandex to find results critical of 15 minute cites. This article warns about climate ‘lockdowns’ (there’s that word again) and travel restrictions. As indicated above the ability to travel outside your Ghetto concentration camp will be relative to your behavior.  Expect a rewards and punishment program.

It appears that Cleveland is attempting to be America’s first 15 minute city. It should always be a red flag when an idea is being implemented from the top down. The 15 minute city is designed to combat the natural phenomenon called climate change. The concept of the 15 minute city is further along in the UK as local councils are taking away people’s rights and planning on using digital currency to enforce behavior in the new prisons.

It was during the Covid pandemic lockdowns that the WEF crowd and UN started heavily promoting 15 minute citiesClimate change cultists started seeing a reduction in emissions during the lockdowns and immediately seized on the idea. Naturally, the concept was a deliberate extension of the Covid lockdown and did not just develop organically.

Could such a crazy idea really be implemented in America? Remember the lines on the floor in the grocery store and standing 6 feet apart?

Insane ideas are easier to promote when you create the money out of thin air, have rigged computerized elections, weaken and frighten a population with biological weapons, control and threaten the politicians and the government.

Unfortunately, we will see brain washed people promoting these 15 minute cities, buying into the idea that they are saving the planet, creating a healthier lifestyle, and a sense of community. The reality is quite different. These 15 minute cities are concentration camps and social credit scores will be used to determine if individuals may travel outside of these facilities. Globalist technocrats are creating a neofeudalism and the peasants will be living in these 15 minute cities. They may appear appealing at first, but eventually your 15 minute city will become 15 minutes to hell.

Here is the full interview with Christine Anderson a member of the European Parliament and alternative German party. Anderson is sounding warning bells about the sophisticated prisons called 15 minute cities.

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