12.06.23 (10)

The blowing up of the Kakhovka dam is intended to bolster flagging public support for NATO’s geopolitical machinations in Ukraine. The fraud of “democracies” no longer holds any water. 

The blowing up of the Kakhovka dam this week is a monumental war crime tantamount to using a weapon of mass destruction against a civilian population. The ultimate perpetrators are the United States and its NATO partners in crime.

An enormous facade has been breached. And we’re not primarily talking about a hydroelectric power plant – gravely serious though that is, and more on that below. What has happened this week is a bigger, more far-reaching breach: the unerring realization that the Western powers have burst their fraudulent images and can be seen for the criminal regimes that they are, along with their media organs of mass deception.

The full impact of the flooding of the Dnieper River in the Kherson region adjacent to the Black Sea will take weeks to assess. It is a catastrophe with huge humanitarian, economic, and ecological impacts. Cities, towns, villages, and farmlands have been inundated, affecting tens of thousands of people. The collapse of the dam is already putting the drinking-water supply to the Crimean Peninsula at grave risk, thereby widening the population impact to millions of people. There is also potential danger from crippling the cooling operations at the Zoporozhye Nuclear Power Plant located upstream from the dam.

Indisputably, by far, the biggest deleterious impact of the dam’s collapse is being felt in Russian-controlled regions of Kherson on the left bank of the Dnieper. Even the United States government-owned Radio Free Europe acknowledges that the destruction of Russian infrastructure is 10-fold that of the Kiev regime.

Yet, in an incredible display of servile propaganda, the Western media immediately sought to blame Russia for sabotaging the Kakhovka dam. This is in spite of overwhelming evidence that the destruction was carried out by the NATO-backed Kiev regime. So preposterous were the claims of Russian malfeasance that the Western governments have tended to backpedal on their initial accusations against Moscow, subsequently feigning doubts about who the perpetrators were.

Last October, Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, had explicitly warned that the Kiev regime forces were attempting to blow up the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant. Using American and NATO-supplied missiles, the Ukrainian military has been shelling the dam over the past year. In December, the Washington Post even reported Ukrainian Major General Andriy Kovalchuk saying how his forces were testing a tactic to blow up the dam’s floodgates using U.S.-made HIMARS rockets.

Thus, the sabotage was in the works and there is no way that the United States and its NATO partners did not know about it. Indeed, furthermore, given that the U.S. and NATO are directing all Ukrainian military operations against Russia, the obvious conclusion is that the Western sponsors of the regime gave their authorization for the dam’s destruction.

The timing of the disaster is another key factor. This week saw the launch of the much-anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive. Russian forces appear to have repelled assaults further north from the Kherson region near frontlines in Zaporozhye and Donetsk areas. The counteroffensive has involved the deployment of NATO-issued tanks and recently supplied munitions. It seems plausible that the dam-busting strikes and consequent mass-flooding are aimed at distracting Russian forces and freeing up Ukrainian military units from the Dnieper right bank, which has become inaccessible by crossing, and therefore more easily defended from the Kiev regime’s point of view.

Another important timing factor is “Ukraine fatigue”, as noted by respected independent American analyst Scott Ritter. The Western public has become increasingly critical of NATO’s dangerous proxy war against Russia. The reckless financing of this conflict with hundreds of billions of dollars and euros – while Western economies are racked by austerity and recession – is causing growing opposition among the public toward their governments’ callous and cynical policy of “defending Ukraine to the last Ukrainian”. There is also a rising awareness that the Kiev regime is a corrupt Nazi-affiliated entity far from deserving of any support. Western media cannot even hide the fact that this regime’s armed forces are Nazi-emblem-toting fanatics. And Western governments are seen to be abhorrently sponsoring Ukrainian fascists in an unspoken proxy war to subjugate Russia. The historical significance of this revelation is profound and undermines the very foundations of presumed Western authority.

The blowing up of the dam accompanied by kabuki-style knee-jerk Western headlines accusing Russia of “eco-terrorism” and all sorts of other sensational smears is intended to bolster flagging public support for NATO’s geopolitical machinations in Ukraine.

In short, the sabotage is a false-flag provocation; a mass-casualty event orchestrated to shock public opinion against Russia as a “barbarous villain”.

In reality, however, the use of false-flag operations and mass-casualty events is a well-honed dirty-trick specialty of Washington going back to Operation Northwoods in the 1960s and before that.

The latest Western crime by stealth will rebound and concatenate with all past crimes in a way that reinforces culpability and public awareness.

In addition to the trusted criminological methods of questioning who gains and who loses, as well as the substantial record of misconduct and strategic motive, there is also the irrefutable forensic evidence of the NATO-backed regime firing missiles continuously at the Kakhovka dam for months. Video evidence shows the artillery fire coming from the right bank of the Dnieper River under the control of the Kiev regime.

It, therefore, stretches credulity to the point of absurdity that the Kiev regime and its Western sponsors through their mass media attempted to lay the blame on Russia.

The exact same oxymoronic logic was invoked following the blowing up of the Russian-owned Nord Stream gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea in September and the drone attacks on the Kremlin last month. Western media promptly tried to saturate public perception that Russia was somehow culpable in a fiendish ploy.

Similarly, for months the Kiev regime has been shelling the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant – the largest civilian nuclear station in continental Europe. All the ballistic evidence clearly shows who is trying to instigate a radiation catastrophe that would engulf all of Europe, if not the entire globe. The Kiev regime is trying its best to breach Russian air defenses at the ZNPP using U.S., British, and NATO-supplied missiles and targeting intelligence. Russia has repeatedly warned about this potential disaster at the United Nations in the exact same way it highlighted the danger regarding the sabotage of the Kakhovka dam. (The UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, is an abject tool under Western control as seen from its reluctance to attribute blame for the shelling of the ZNPP in spite of the glaring evidence. The Western media, too, promote the ridiculous notion that Russia is firing on its own military defenses at the plant!)

Russia has opened a criminal investigation into the Kakhovka dam sabotage, while the Kiev regime has quickly rejected calls for an international investigation.

As with the Nord Stream blasts, the Western governments will no doubt also contrive a cover-up to hide the real perpetrator. Western media have steadfastly refused to report credible claims by Seymour Hersh that the U.S. carried out the Nord Stream blasts under the orders of President Joe Biden. And several European states have suppressed the findings of their preliminary investigations, citing “national security interests”, that is, fear of U.S. retribution.

A touchstone matter concerning Western conduct is the total mismatch between its keenness for making wild accusations and its evident unwillingness to permit an independent investigation. That’s a general rule.

The Nazi Kiev regime knows no bounds in its depraved war crimes. The Bucha massacre last April in which civilians were executed by CIA-trained Azov Battalion death squads while Western media blamed Russia is out of the same vile playbook that the Kakhovka dam destruction was ordered, as well as the sabotage of the Nord Stream and the Crimea Bridge explosion. The Kiev regime is using a scorched-earth policy befitting a terrorist organization. No surprise there.

But ultimately the authors of this state terrorism are in Washington, London, and other NATO capitals arming the regime to the teeth with ever-more lethal firepower, financing its miserable existence, and providing obscene political support for its Nazi conduct. Ultimately, fascist foot soldiers reflect fascist leaders. The former may don military fatigues and sweaty T-shirts, the latter expensive cotton suits and ties. Nevertheless, they are all of the same sordid cloth.

The destruction wrought is utterly deplorable. However, one positive constructive thing is that there is now a growing public understanding around the world about the real, grotesque nature of Western regimes masquerading as “law-abiding democracies”.

Self-ordained Western “democracies” and self-deluded champions of “rules-based order” have in reality long been practiced in genocide, colonization, and imperialist aggression, supporting fascist dictatorships and terrorist entities the world over for their naked elite interests. The fraud of “democracies” no longer holds any water.

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