5G Life Experiment

May 2, 2021

Dear friends,

this short life video from 2008 shows how they are experimenting with 5G to kill humanity works in 2008 already – unfortunately all the involuntary participant died a sudden death as you can see in the video… we have known that so far and I have posted the huge bird killing in Italy and Near East due to 5G and HAARP EMF in 2020 already in my telegram channel several times … 

There was an even bigger life experiment to kill people with 5G in Wuhan at the beginning of the so called Corona P(L)andemia in 2019 when thousends of Chinese in Wuhan of a sudden were killed with spitting blood and bursting alveols during an experiment short after Mrs. Adolf Merkel – our prime minister – has been visiting Wuhan. The dead bodies have been carried to the crematory with bulldozers for far more than in the video ….

The atypical symptoms of the so called Covid-Virus fit exactly to this EMF-technique – blood spitting from the lungs due to alveoli bursting etc … there is no nose bleeding or alveoli bursting from a virus – we work with electromagnetic frequencies since years to heal all sorts of cronique disease but of course, you also can kill whit them if you use deadly doses or specific frequencies … watch the short video of the killing of this poor souls here

WAW 24 180421 5G plan to exterminate humanity failed thanks to Wikileaks, victims & whistleblowers (bitchute.com)

Attached you will find a paper taken of the public about 5G and „Corona“ …

for medical and biochemical or biological trained people there is scientific evidence that there is no virus in the game but electromagnet field and geoengineering like HAARP and Chemtrails going on since years … its our politicians and governments participating in this game of BigPharma shown in the video

I attach again the Corona-Show in the Olympic Opening Event 2012 .. they celebrate this events as „holocaust”

I also add the Pfizer paper about the huge threats coming from vaccinated persons now being contagious via skin and inhalation or aerosoles from vaccinated people – please read from page 67 – please note: the nanobots coming as mRNA are run by body electric and controlled via remote control with 5G