Two studies reveal egg yolks mitigate the vaccine-induced spike protein.  In the USA, several food processing plants and egg-laying facilities have mysteriously exploded or caught fire over the past year and farmers are saying chicken feed is stopping their hens from laying. Propagandists are blaming “bird flu” for the egg shortage and the subsequent soaring egg prices while at the same time nudging people to stop eating eggs.

Is this all just a coincidence? Or is it an orchestrated war on natural foods to ensure Bill Gates makes a fortune out of his fake eggs and people only have access to unhealthy synthetic food?

Tim Truth: Attack on Food Supply: 500,000 Hens Burned Alive in Tandem With weaponised Chicken Feed?! 17 February 2023 (9 mins)

The propagandists have been working to nudge people to stop eating eggs.  The Wall Street Journal published an article last week stating “maybe you should skip breakfast” above an image of a masked man reaching for eggs.  In that image, The Wall Street Journal is linking disease and eggs.  Coupled with the headline the subtle message is “maybe you should skip eggs to stay healthy.” 
To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast, The Wall Street Journal, 14 February 2023
The article is behind a paywall but, from what we can see, the second paragraph stated: “Egg prices increased 8.5% in January from a month earlier and are up 70.1% over the past year, the highest annual rate since 1973. The deadliest avian-influenza outbreak on record has devastated poultry flocks across the US, leading the price of eggs to rise more than any other grocery item in 2022, according to Information Resources Inc. US egg inventories were 29% lower in the final week of December 2022 than at the beginning of 2022, according to the USDA.”
This wasn’t the first recent attempt by the propaganda machine to demonise eggs.  Last year, for example, Express UK reported that a “nutrient found in eggs [was] linked to an enhanced risk of blood clotting.”  No mention that covid injections caused blot clots but rather eggs – an everyday food that we have been eating regularly for millennia – caused blood clots.
Blood clots typically form in the veins of the legs, arm and groin. It is when they break off and travel to other parts of the body, such as the lungs, that they pose a risk. Typically risk factors for blood clotting include surgery, cancer, and pregnancy. The findings from one small study, however, imply that a nutrient found in eggs and meat may also increase the risk of blood clotting.
Blood clots: Nutrient found in eggs linked to an enhanced risk of blood clotting – study, Express, 26 January 2022
Why has the propaganda machine been making out eggs are bad for us?  One reason is Bill Gates’s obsession with laboratory-made foods.  Perhaps another reason is that naturally produced egg yolks mitigate the effects of the vaccine-induced spike proteins.
Bill Gates’ Fake Foods and Philanthrocapitalism
In September 2013, a radical ‘artificial egg’ backed by Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel and Bill Gates went on sale in US supermarkets for the first time. The company – Beyond Eggs which later became Hampton Creek Foods – said its plant-based eggs “could soon be available in supermarkets worldwide,” the Daily Mail reported in 2013. “The [company] is already in talks with major food manufacturers around the world – including several in the UK, to replace eggs in supermarket products with their alternative.”
Hampton Creek has since been renamed Eat Just and now also sells plant-based meats under the brand name Beyond Meat. The founder, Josh Tetrick, started with just $3,000 in his bank account.  By mid-2022, Eat Just was worth $1.2 billion.
In a 2016 blog post, Bill Gates made a case for egg production as a way to fight poverty and improve nutrition in malnourished populations.  As you can guess, there was a catch to Gates’ “philanthropy”:
Alongside partners throughout sub-Saharan Africa, we are working to create sustainable market systems for poultry. It’s especially important for these systems to make sure farmers can buy birds that have been properly vaccinated. [Emphasis our own]
Why I would raise chickens, Gates Notes, 7 June 2016
After Gates’ covid “vaccination” programme, we are left with no doubt that “properly vaccinated” does not mean “protection against disease” or for our “health and well-being.”  As an advocate for depopulation with an enormous appetite for profiteering from and controlling everything in our world, his aim is certainly not to alleviate poverty by ensuring good quality natural food is easily and cheaply available.
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Egg shortage and inflation strangely timed with revelation that yolks naturally mitigate covid “vaccine” spike proteins
Republished from Natural News
Before the sudden shortage of eggs and associated price inflation we are now seeing spread across the USA, which they are blaming on “avian flu,” two studies were published to suggest that egg yolks are a cure for covid.
The first study, published in January 2021, is titled: ‘Chicken Egg Yolk Antibodies (IgYs) block the binding of multiple SARS-CoV-2 spike protein variants to human ACE2’. Part of its abstract reads as follows:
Our results show that the anti-Spike-S1 IgYs showed significant neutralising potency against SARS-CoV-2 pseudovirus, various spike protein mutants, and even SARS-CoV in vitro. It might be a feasible tool for the prevention and control of ongoing covid-19.
The second study, published in November 2022, is called: ‘Immunoglobulin yolk targeting spike 1, receptor binding domain of spike glycoprotein and nucleocapsid of SARS-CoV-2 blocking RBD-ACE2 binding interaction’. Part of its abstract reads as follows:
Coronavirus disease (covid)-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection has become a global pandemic disease that has social and economic chaos. An alternative mitigation strategy may involve the use of specific immunoglobulin (Ig)-Y derived from chicken eggs.”
Our results demonstrated that S1,RBD,N-IgY was able to inhibit RBD-ACE2 binding interaction in vitro, suggesting its potential use in blocking virus entry. Our study also demonstrated proof-of-concept that laying hens were able to produce this specific IgY, which could block the viral binding and large production of this specific IgY is feasible.
Both studies, published two years apart by different authors, make the same conclusion: that ordinary egg yolks contain nutrients that function as neutralising agents for covid spike proteins. And right on cue, eggs are now disappearing from store shelves while what little supply remains becomes unaffordable for the average person.
If it helps protect your health, the US government wants it gone
It is no coincidence that once the cat was let out of the bag about the anti-covid benefits of eggs, laying hens suddenly had to be purged because of “bird flu,” leaving behind empty shelves and high prices at the grocery store.
Egg prices have spiked up 60 per cent over the past year while some stores limit the sale of eggs to two cartons per customer. This is exactly what fake president Joe Biden threatened would happen as part of his regime’s plans to “increase and disseminate more rapidly [sic] food shortages” – these were the Paedophile-in-Chief’s exact words during a conversation he recently had with European leaders.
“So here you have the president [sic] of the United States pledging to increase food shortages at a press conference,” reported AllNewsPipeline about Biden’s admissions.
“That seemed like a newsworthy event, but not a single news organisation in this country seemed to notice it happened. Nor did the White House correct it. But others were watching. So, within days, that clip wound up on social media and Facebook flagged it immediately as ‘false news’.”
Tucker Carlson of FOX News is one of the few to address Biden’s statements, which point towards the intentional destruction of the United States food supply as the globalist-led deep state launches the next phase of its Great Reset: replacing meat and eggs with insects and worms.
Then we have all the food processing plants and egg-laying facilities that have mysteriously exploded or caught fire over the past year. There is simply no way that all of this happening together at the exact same time is just a coincidence.
“Everybody should start raising chickens today,” one commenter on a story wrote. “Even just a couple of chickens will help guarantee you have some high-quality protein every day.”
The latest news about the government’s ongoing assault against health and food freedom can be found at
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