A former health minister has admitted that Britain’s 11 million cats were in the crosshairs at the start of the Covid pandemic, and that the government considered “exterminating” them all.

As Tom Jefferson noted in a recent Substack article, since 2020 the public has been subjected to a central narrative, which flipped entirely in a few days after an initial dismissal of mask use and hand hygiene promotion. According to insiders, this was due to advice, political expediency and visibility of government efforts to be seen “to do something”.

At the same time, a band of strident mask partisans invaded every conceivable space to promote two messages: masks work, and the disease is airborne, mainly through aerosolised particles, while attacking and censoring anyone thought to be a dissenter in the mould of Matt Hancock.

Writing about the Cochrane review of ‘Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses’ and its latest developments, Tom Jefferson said that the evidence provided for both assertions – that masks work and the disease is airborne – is dubious.

Still, the message chimed with the attempt by governments to terrify the populace – it’s airborne, the invisible killer is everywhere – and offer a solution: mask up the vaccines are coming … In 2009 and 2017, I warned that the pandemic industry was running the show, and the only losers were the Public.The Other Side of the Hill, Tom Jefferson, 27 February 2023

However, it seems the losers from the plots and plans of the pandemic industry were not only the public.  Cats were in the firing line as well.

Cats are the UK’s most popular pet – a 2019 survey revealed there are almost 11 million felines in households across the country.

From as early as May 2020 “scientists” were given “ethical approval” to retrospectively test cats for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and work soon began screening routine respiratory samples taken from cats throughout the UK. “After screening hundreds of samples, this collaborative effort eventually resulted in the detection of a cat [one cat] with SARS-CoV-2 in the south of England,” an article published by The Conversation said.

If you think the pandemic industry weren’t seriously considering destroying the UK’s most popular pet to extinction, then it’s because you’ve forgotten that by July 2020 there had been the needless and callous destruction of a million mink in the Netherlands, Spain had ordered the destruction of almost 100,000 mink, and Denmark’s virus hunters were dutifully, and without question, following orders by searching for the slightest hint of the virus among their mink with the same destructive aim in mind.

UK Government planned exterminating 11 million cats in Britain to ‘prevent’ covid-19 spread

The following was originally published by Save Britain

A former health minister has admitted that Britain’s 11 million cats were in the crosshairs at the start of the covid pandemic, and that the government considered “exterminating” them all. 

Lord Bethell used the surprising example to highlight the widespread ignorance about how the disease spread when it first appeared in the UK at the beginning of 2020.

He said: “There was a moment we were very unclear about whether domestic pets could transmit the disease.

“In fact, there was an idea at one moment that we might have to ask the public to exterminate all the cats in Britain.”

He added: “Can you imagine what would have happened if we had wanted to do that?

“And yet, for a moment there was a bit of evidence around that so that had to be investigated and closed down.”

Larry, the feline resident of Number 10, dubbed Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, was quick to respond, tweeting, “Hard not to take this personally.”

According to a survey conducted by the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) last year, Britain currently has 11.1 million cats, with 24 percent of the adult population owning one.

“There is limited evidence to suggest that covid-19 transmission from people to cats may be possible,” according to Cats Protection’s website.


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