UK Medical Freedom Alliance (“UKMFA”) has written an open letter of support to Andrew Bridgen, Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire.  “We fully support your call for an immediate suspension of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout,” they wrote.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Bridgen gave a speech in parliament calling for a halt to the Covid injections and an inquiry into the influence of big pharma on medications and the National Health Service (“NHS”).  UKFMA issued their statement of support two days later.

UKMFA are a group of healthcare professionals, scientists and lawyers, campaigning for people’s rights to medical freedom, informed consent and bodily autonomy to be upheld. Since their formation in October 2020, they have written over 50 open letters to lobby the Government, Regulators, decision-makers and policy-makers on issues relating to informed consent, medical choice and medical ethics.

Letter of Support to Andrew Bridgen, MP from UKFMA

Dear Andrew,

We wanted to reach out to express our deep gratitude and admiration for the courage and integrity that you demonstrated in your powerful and brilliantly crafted speech in Parliament this week, and we fully support your call for an immediate suspension of the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

We are an alliance of healthcare professionals, scientists and lawyers who have been trying to raise the alarm for over two years as to the (initially) potential risks from the mRNA vaccines which have now sadly become reality.

You may wish to read the very first open letter we sent and published in November 2020, to the MHRA, JCVI and Health Minister, detailing and referencing our deep concerns of the serious potential risks to the public from a rushed authorisation and rollout of this experimental, inadequately tested, novel technology. We begged them to not to go ahead with authorisation until our concerns had been addressed, but our pleas were ignored. Our letter shows how much information and evidence was already available in the public domain to warrant taking a precautionary approach.

Read more: UKMFA Open Letter to MHRA, JCVI and Matt Hancock re Safety and Ethical Concerns of Proposed COVID-19 Vaccine Authorisation and Rollout, 23 November 2020

We would like to offer you our help and support if required. We have published a huge amount of referenced information on Covid vaccine safety, efficacy and informed consent, in the form of information leaflets for the public, and open letters to Government, policy-makers, regulators and medical authorities, which can all be found on our website here: Covid-19 Vaccine Info.

Your action in speaking out in Parliament was a very important step and will hopefully inspire other people to voice their concerns too so that the ongoing, unnecessary injuries and deaths from these dangerous products can be stopped. You are without doubt on the right side of history.

Best wishes,

Dr. Elizabeth Evans

CEO, UK Medical Freedom Alliance