17.11.23 (16)

Frank Bergman

A top government health official has admitted that hospitals were faking data for causes of death during the pandemic.

A former director of the UK government’s National Health Service (NHS) has spoken out to allege that a new system was introduced at the beginning of the Covid panoramic to certify deaths.

Prior to the pandemic, four types of pneumonia were grouped together as the highest cause of death in the United Kingdom.

However, after the new Medical Examiner System was implemented, medical examiners started certifying deaths from all types of pneumonia as being caused by Covid.

In a post on Twitter/X, former NHS director of End-of-Life Care Saineethan “Sai” Balasubramaniam exposed the changes to the death reporting system implemented by the UK government health service.

Balasubramaniam explains that four different diseases are grouped and marked as Covid deaths.

He notes that seeing huge death rates for Covid was inevitable due to his method of reporting.

Balasubramaniam added that mainstream media was reporting on the significant increase in COVID-19 deaths due to the Medical Examiner System being in place.

According to Balasubramaniam, the British government proposed and piloted a change to the procedure of how deaths were certified in all hospitals in the U.K. in 2016.

Balasubramaniam has also published the Department of Health (DOH) document that outlines the “reforms.”

The DOH document proposes a switch to the “Medical Examiner” (ME) System.

The doc was sent to several audiences for feedback and consultation.

The ME System was already being piloted at two hospitals in the UK, said Balasubramaniam.

The only conclusive method of determining an accurate and plausible cause of death is to refer the deceased patient to Her Majesty’s (HM) Coroner, according to Balasubramaniam.

However, this can only be done if certain criteria are met.

Once an HM Coroner accepts the case, a post-mortem is conducted by a histopathologist.

If a death is considered natural and there is nothing untoward, the medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD) is written by the treating doctor of a deceased patient.

It is rare for a treating consultant to attend, but they will finalize the cause of death.

Balasubramaniam notes that the NHS has a strict hospital hierarchy for doctors.

From lowest to highest rank:

  1. Foundation Year 1
  2. Foundation Year 2
  3. Senior House Officer
  4. Registrar
  5. Consultant
  6. Clinical Lead
  7. Medical Director

As in the military or other systems with strict hierarchical structures, junior doctors will rarely speak up or challenge their seniors.

A senior decision is considered final and must be carried out without questioning or hesitance.

In Balasubramaniam’s 5.5 years of experience in End-of-Life Care, he has only seen one junior doctor disagree with a proposed cause of death and challenge their consultant.

Due to the large number of deaths that occur in a hospital, there is a wide variety of possible causes of death.

Balasubramaniam explains that the proposed ME system would change this.

Under the new system, the government hires and pays one Medical Examiner to sit in every hospital and write all MCCDs for all deceased patients.

This would then eliminate any variation in causes of death.

Balasubramaniam first heard about the proposal in 2016.

At the time, he worked as a Bereavement Officer at a hospital in Central London.

His mentor and line manager at the hospital was a former chief nurse who managed Bereavement Services and all hospital deaths would be controlled by her and the department.

Balasubramaniam and his mentor wielded a lot of power concerning decision-making.

Following the death of a patient, Balasubramaniam and his manager would review all patient notes.

In 2016, when Balasubramaniam asked his mentor how the ME system would change things, she told him that Bereavement Services and Patient Affairs would become purely administrative.

From then onward, all clinical judgments would fall to the Medical Examiner.

Therefore, the power and decision-making about MCCD/Coroners Referrals were being taken away from both treating doctors and Bereavement Services, Patient Affairs, Bereavement officers, Bereavement Service managers, and directors of End-of-Life Care.

Ultimately, all of the decision-making would rely solely on the Medical Examiner.

However, the Medical Examiner was not involved in the treatment of a patient during an admission.

Due to the new system, deaths caused by a variety of reasons were simply listed as being caused by Covid, according to Balasubramaniam.

This resulted in false data being produced for Covid deaths.

These faked Covid deaths numbers created the illusion of a deadly pandemic, Balasubramaniam concludes.

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