World War III is building up. Neither the USA nor its NATO partners want peace. Their solitary aim is to destroy Russia. The war in Ukraine has very little to do with Ukraine. It is destroying the economies, lives and resources of the US, the UK and the EU and Russia. The solitary winner is China.

World War III Update, 17 March 2023

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

While the rest of the world fusses over trivia and minutiae, the third world war continues to spread and to become ever closer to a nuclear war.

  1. Ukraine is losing so many men in its designer, proxy war with Russia that NATO troops are soon going to have to move into Ukraine and take over the war. I repeat: if the USA, the EU and the UK all want the war to continue (which they clearly do) they’re going to have to supplement the failing Ukraine forces. If that doesn’t scare you then you need to fetch your brain from wherever you put it.
  2. A year ago, Ukraine had over 1,000 tanks, a huge number of artillery guns and its own air force. Now Ukraine is reduced to begging the West for more arms and it doesn’t seem to have much of an air force. Most of what they had has gone. Replacing those weapons from the US, the UK and the EU will take years and cost hundreds of billions of dollars (indeed the American budget for arms this year alone is over $1 trillion). And it will mean that there will be no hardware available for wars against China, Iran and North Korea. Ukraine is reported to have only 300 guns left. The problem is that if their small number of guns are used too often, their barrels will need replacing. Ukraine is also running out of shells despite the fact that the US supplied a million artillery shells. Ukraine now wants 250,000 shells a month from the EU. Ukraine is running out of equipment and ammunition because they were in a war that was running for years before Russia became involved. Russia seems to have plenty of machinery and shells.
  3. If Russia is losing the war so badly (as the mainstream media keeps telling us) why does Ukraine need so many new tanks and jets?
  4. The BBC and the Pentagon seem to think that between 100,000 and 200,000 Russian soldiers have died in the last year. This is absurd Western propaganda. Both the Russians and the Ukrainians claim that around 16,000 Russians have been killed so far. That’s a horrendous number. But it’s not 100,000 or 200,000.
  5. A four star American general, General Mike Minihan, has warned that the US is likely to be at war with China in 2025. This unusual warning should be taken seriously. It seems clear that World War III, in its various theatres, is going to be a long one. Orwell’s permanent war perhaps?
  6. Is it possible that the American globalists want to keep open the US border with Mexico (they haven’t got very far with closing it) in order to create a North American version of the EU – with USA, Canada and Mexico as members? That North American Union could then join with the EU to create a new Western World Government. And war with Russia and China would give them control of the world. However, if Mexico doesn’t like the idea of joining with the USA they might ask China for help. If China built military bases in Mexico the American globalists would be most unhappy. They would be even unhappier if Mexico joined the BRICS. Remember that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are already working together and between them they make up a good portion of the planet. Add in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela and there is a bloc representing well over half of the planet’s people and resources.
  7. The USA currently has military bases in around 80 countries around the world. Why would that be?
  8. A while ago I asked if Iran and Saudi Arabia might join with China. Well, they have. And they will join the BRICS. The world has definitely split into two. The climate change nutters won’t care about this but the problem for the West is that the other side has most of the oil. If Venezuela joins with China, then the West will be reduced to shivering and eating salads.
  9. World War III is destroying the economies, lives and resources of the US, the UK and the EU and Russia. The solitary winner is China. And remember China has already bought control of universities, essential companies and much of the infrastructure in the West. And, of course, China controls TikTok – already a concern for the UK and US governments.
  10. American investigators have obtained documents from the Bank of America which go back 14 years and are, in particular, looking at a payment of $3 million which went from the Chinese Communist Party into the personal accounts of Biden family members. That particular payment was paid two months after Joe Biden left his job as Vice President of the US. But there are apparently many more payments. What were they paid for? Money apparently went to Hunter Biden (Joe’s son) and to two brothers of Joe and a fourth Biden. Who was the fourth Biden? It looks as though the Bidens were selling influence.
  11. And what was the role of Obama in everything that has been happening over the last years? I have never trusted Obama. Even before he was elected President I warned (in my book `Rogue Nation’ – now out of print) that he would be a bad President and would betray those who supported him.
  12. Putin is reported to have abandoned the WEF. I don’t think he was ever an enthusiast. The WEF is part of the Western conspiracy.
  13. Zelensky, a Jew and the false hero of so many in the West, seems to be persecuting the Russian orthodox church in Ukraine. Zelensky’s government is reported to be seizing church property and shutting down churches. He has ordered the Russian-aligned Orthodox Church out of a Monastery in Kiev. This is a man who claims to be leading Ukraine to spiritual independence.
  14. Schwab spoke at the last G20 meeting (actually it was G19 because Russia stayed at home). Why was the WEF speaking there? Is Schwab now a world leader? And why did the G20 delegates agree with the need for a global vaccination passport system? What do they know that we don’t know?
  15. Remember: The conspirators fear what they cannot control.
  16. The BIS is becoming ever more visible in the control of the world. (If you want to know more about the Bank for International Settlements take a look at my book ‘The Shocking History of the EU’).
  17. The USA is now spending $1 trillion a year on arms and armaments. The arms companies have never been as happy. The USA is now fighting to preserve the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. If the USA loses the fight (and ownership of the world’s reserve currency) then the USA will fall far.
  18. The American surveillance drone that was shot down cost $32 million and the USA is now threatening to send “fighting” drones over the Black Sea in order to protect its surveillance drones. The Americans have told the Russians that they intend to keep flying drones over the Black Sea. The Russians have made it clear that they will “assist” American drones to fall into the water. When the Russians eventually shoot down an American drone (as opposed to merely helping it into the water), American warmongers will regard it as an excuse to abandon the proxy war in Ukraine and start a full-scale war with Russia. (Incidentally, how would the Americans react if the Russians flew drones over the Gulf of Mexico?)
  19. The USA has two divisions of soldiers on the Ukraine border. In Russia, the Wagner group is reported to be recruiting 400,000 more soldiers. World War III is building up.
  20. The Pentagon has said (with its usual arrogance and pomposity) that if North Korea uses a nuclear weapon “that will be the end of the North Korean regime.”
  21. Neither the USA nor its NATO partners want peace. They have made this quite clear. Their solitary aim is to destroy Russia. The war in Ukraine has very little to do with Ukraine. The war is being kept going by NATO (which is, essentially, the USA). The UK and the EU are in with the USA for the same false reasons that they were suckered into the illegal Iraq War – a war built on lies. Remember what the UK’s Sunak said the other day: “Now is not the time for peace talks.” So, presumably, now is the time for more war: more bombing and more killing.

To find out more about what is happening (and what is going to happen) read: ‘They want your money and your life’ by Vernon Coleman. It is available on Amazon.

Featured image: NATO/US/EU/BRICS Prepares Global War (Video), The Observers TV, 26 October 2011


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