Professor Putin has once again put on his tweed jacket to deliver another quick lecture on basic facts to Western morons.


Inflation in the US is a consequence of mistakes by American financial authorities, which they admitted to, while in the EU it has more to do with short-sighted energy policies in Brussels, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. Either way, it has nothing to do with Moscow or its actions in Ukraine, he added.

Attempts to blame the turmoil in Ukraine for the skyrocketing cost of living in the West amount to dodging responsibility, Putin said in a TV interview that followed his meeting with the African Union head Macky Sall in Sochi.

Pretty much all governments resorted to fiscal stimulus to support the population and enterprises affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns. Russia did so “much more carefully and precisely,” without disturbing the macroeconomic picture and fueling inflation, Putin argued. In the US, by contrast, the money supply grew by 38% – by $5.9 trillion – in less than two years, in what he termed the “unprecedented output of the printing press.”

“Apparently, the US financial authorities assumed that since the dollar is the world currency, as in the old days, this would dissipate throughout the world economy and would not be noticeable in the States. It turned out that this was not the case.”

Well, they clearly assumed something. I think we can all agree on that.

Here’s the thing about all of this, which people need to understand:

Everyone wants to talk about how the World Economic Forum is running a conspiracy to make everyone poor, and how inflation fits into this. This is all obvious. They are clearly doing this on purpose in order to make everyone poor.

However – this simply does not make any sense within the context of remaining international competition. Why would you want to completely destroy your country’s economic power while you are still trying to fight wars against Russia and China?

Here is a simple outline of what I’ve argued over and over again regarding the overarching picture of the current situation:

  • There is a long-running plan for a global “scientific dictatorship” that was more or less solidified in the 1970s when they first started pushing the environmentalist flapdoodle
  • In the 1970s, the people planning this did not believe that China was a threat at all, because they basically thought Chinamen were backward autistic morons
  • In the 1990s, Western industry was moved to China, creating massive wealth in China, and everyone just assumed that these small-eyed people they thought were autistic morons would be turned into gay retards by a little bit of economic success
  • In the late 00s and early 10s, it became clear that China was not interested in being a part of the globalist project – they were just going to keep the money and do their own thing, which is a kind of merchant empire that is not dependent on the interdependence of the Western globalist order
  • By this time, no one running elite organizations in the West was capable of recalibrating the agenda based on the predictions about China being proved wrong
  • The elite are pushing forward with the agenda as it was laid out before China’s current direction was clear

I don’t think this is really that complicated, but a lot of people seem to not understand what I am saying. I have no desire or ability to force anyone to agree with me, but if they’re going to disagree, they should put forward a response to what I’ve said and a countertheory on why it appears that the West is totally destroying itself in a program that is going to leave the Chinese ruling the world.

The only “honest” rebuttal I’ve seen is schizos claiming that Russia and China are “in on it with the WEF.” I’ve responded to that a lot, and schizos have responded with even more extreme schizo stuff, but that becomes an epistemic regress where the core belief of the schizo is that there is an omniscient secret elite that cannot make a mistake. I personally believe that evil is not infallible, and if you want to prove that globalist supervillains have a secret unseen plan, you need to bring facts or at least explain how it could function – i.e., what type of secret contract exists between the WEF and the Chinese that says that after the West destroys itself, the Chinese will go along with the Jewish-globalist program? How can that secret contract be enforced if the US implodes its economy and can no longer fund its super military?

The bottom line is: as far as I am presently aware, no one could even in theory explain what is happening right now as perfectly rational unless they can come up with an explanation for giving all geopolitical and economic power to China. I don’t think anyone has an explanation for that, which is why people either ignore what I’ve said, purposefully fail to understand it, or go full-schizo.

My view of the Western order in 2022 can be summarized as: “a formerly all-powerful geopolitical order that has begun collapsing under its own hubris.”

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population is Chinese. If you include contiguous Asian satellite states of the Chinese, who are more or less part of the same conglomerate, you have more than a quarter of the world’s population. China has made most of the world dependent on it through trade. This is not a small problem. It’s not something that can be brushed aside with an “oh, we’ll figure that out later” hand wave.

Frankly, the logical thing would have been to leave Donald Trump in power, skip the coronavirus, keep the economy rolling, keep the military rolling, and figure out a way to undermine China economically and if necessary, militarily. After China is thwarted, Russia falls pretty easy, Iran falls pretty easy, then you’ve got a clear runway for your weirdo Great Reset transhumanist gay pedophile cyborg agenda. That would have been my move if I was the leader of the global Jewish conspiracy. But they didn’t do that. You saw what they did, and it puts them in a much, much worse situation in terms of dealing with the China problem.

The Ukraine War as Microcosm

Imagine the analogy of the global chessboard. With every move you make in a game of chess, you have fewer possible moves remaining. If we go back to pre-Covid, China had a solid upper-hand, but the game was far from over. There was a series of moves the West could have made to dislodge China. At this point however, this chess match is at end game stage, and whatever moves the West makes, I do not see any path to victory. If you just take it down to the microcosm, look at the Ukraine war. No one can explain what is going on here. Trust me, I’ve asked – no one can explain it.

Part of my overarching theory about what is happening with the Western elite is that the systems that civilizations run on now are extremely complex. You have too much compartmentalization without any effective grand strategists. Without a clear view of all of the compartments, if any compartment fails to accurately assess the situation, or fails to deliver the results it promised, the entire thing fails. What’s more, the compartments have their own internal drives, which can conflict with each other.

The Ukraine war had three main components or compartments:

  • The military campaign itself
  • The propaganda war to get the population of the West on sides with a major conflict with Russia for unclear reasons backed by emotionalized pablum
  • The economic war to use sanctions and boycotts to cripple or at least significantly damage the Russian economy

All three of those compartments, which are all run by separate groups with separate leadership and separate internal agendas, had to deliver the goods for this project to succeed. That did not happen.

Monumentally, the sanctions regime failed. The plan with the military operation was to simply hang on until economic chaos erupted in Russia, causing civil unrest which would cause them to have to abandon the military operation. It’s unclear whether or not a Russian economic collapse would have even caused civil unrest (I argued early on that it would not), but we will never know because there was no economic collapse. The Russian economy is actually doing quite well.

Because the military operation was based around the idea that there would be an economic collapse, the military operation is not going to work, and increasingly, we are seeing public sentiment turn away from support for this war. The logical thing to do would have been to turn the military war off as soon as it was clear that the economic war had failed. If the West were to negotiate the surrender of the Donbass, to agree to not allow the Ukraine to join NATO, they could keep most of the Ukraine and declare it a victory because Putin never took Kiev. (Remember that it was not considered a serious blow to the empire when Putin took Crimea in 2014.) Instead, you have a situation where it appears as though the military compartment doesn’t care that the economic war has failed, and they’re just pushing ahead, fighting to the last Ukrainian. The propaganda war is beginning to unravel, as each day that passes with the Russians gaining ground and more of the Ukraine military destroyed, it becomes more and more ridiculous to claim that the Ukraine is on the verge of a march on Moscow. In the beginning, the media could just lie, but it’s gone on long enough – and had enough of a real world effect on people’s lives – that people are beginning to ask questions.

Impending Doom

You can see the same compartmentalization catastrophe on the larger scale, where there does not appear to have been clear communication between the geopolitical forces that were supposed to be dealing with the Eastern powers and the people running the coronavirus scam and now driving the population of the West into deeper poverty and social mayhem. Aside from removing Trump from power, which seems like a goal entirely driven by sentimental paranoia, every outcome of the coronavirus agenda has been negative for the Western regime. Yes, it is a longterm goal of the globalist project to collapse the economy, to strip people of their freedoms, but doing those things while China remains so powerful, with its own stable economy and social order, puts the West in a much weaker position.

Foreign policy publications have been claiming for 15 years now that China is on the verge of collapse, so I guess if you believed that, it would make sense to get started with the “Great Reset” Western impoverishment agenda, and fabricate an assumption about how this would affect China negatively and hasten their collapse. The problem is, this is not true. China is not on the verge of collapse. Russia is not even on the verge of collapse. The only people who are on the verge of collapse are Western nations, where they have made people much poorer and less socially cohesive while failing to deal with foreign threats to their global hegemony.

“Western Collapse”

People will claim that when I say “the West is going to collapse,” I’m being overly optimistic. Part of this is my use of hyperbolic language. I don’t actually think that the US government is going to stop existing in the near future. What I am talking about is the unseating of the US as a contender as the premier world superpower. Once it becomes clear that this is no longer in the cards, I expect there to finally be some form of recalibration. We don’t know what that will look like, or if it will be good or bad for normal people, but it will happen.

When the USSR collapsed, Russia did not stop existing, but it was no longer a contender for global domination. I picture the collapse of the Western order happening in a similar way, where US-controlled territories in Europe and elsewhere break off, and you’re left with a US government that is much more inward-facing, as whoever takes charge at that point is going to be concerned about the management of what’s left. It’s also unlikely that the collapse of the US empire will be as spectacular as the collapse of the USSR, and will instead happen in phases. Arguably, the loss of the Ukraine war is the first phase, with the catastrophic surrender in Afghanistan being foreshadowing. Both events are proof that the empire’s power center is no longer capable of projecting power to the fringes of the empire, and is severely lacking in strategic vision. The next thing is going to be the loss of Taiwan. Then you’re going to be faced with some very serious economic crisis in the West, as the inflation comes home to roost, and the focus is going to be on the immediate.

Most of the immigrants are going to leave when things get bad, so it’s very possible that we could see a popular strongman appealing to whites rise in the wake of an economic crisis at the end of empire. Of course, it could also be something horrible. We could be too damaged as a society to rally around a popular strongman leader, and it could be that you will just have foreigners looting the wreckage. You can find either example in history, and examples of both happening at the same time, or one followed by the other. I’ve always found attempts to draw an exact comparison between what is happening right now in history to be a kind of tea leaf-reader voodoo.

I’m not the only person who saw all of this coming, and there were in fact members of globalist think-tanks making similar or nigh-identical arguments. Right now, Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is publicly stating that there needs to be a negotiated settlement in the Ukraine. Before the Ukraine conflict began, Milley was saying pretty loudly that the US Military does not have the “necessary readiness” to fight Russia and/or China, and he seems to be worried that this is the direction things are going in. Meanwhile, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is effectively an agent of the US State Department, claimed on the recent milestone of the 100th day since the beginning of the invasion that the Ukraine is on the cusp of victory. This week, Biden quintupled-down on support for the beleaguered Ukrainian military, again promising an infinite amount of weapons, and again appearing to condemn any call for negotiations. From what I’m able to gather, the current thinking of whoever is running this war agenda is that because Russia assumed that the West would negotiate, if they refuse to negotiate, they will win in some way that they haven’t thought of yet. The fact that there is no one you can point to in the Biden administration responsible for these decisions no doubt makes those people less concerned about the outcome of their decisions. Joe Biden is a senile old man who is already marked to be thrown under the bus, so anyone with any agenda who can push that agenda through him is doing so (I would suggest that all of the influence operations Joe Biden was involved in are probably not totally irrelevant to this).

This situation is definitely entering into the realm of “emerging chaos.” There are powerful people now calling for a scale-back, so it’s possible you could see that before the economic situation enters terminal decline. It’s also possible that this might not happen. It’s possible that the Ukraine situation could escalate directly into a world war. “Chaos” is what it sounds like it is.

In the long-term and even the medium-term, I’m hopeful about the future. The biggest impediment to people at least being allowed to choose to live normal lives has been this globalist agenda, and its failure is a victory for humanity.