01.12.23 (3)

Corporations are not allowed to engage in false advertising


Great news! The state of Texas sued Pfizer for false advertising and selling a fraudulent product.

Pfizer is also accused of a conspiracy to silence its critics, in a well-reasoned accusation.

I predicted this about a year ago:

I predict that Pfizer will lose this particular lawsuit. Pfizer lied publicly, and the facts are available for all to see. (we, Covid-antivaxxers, saw them first, of course)

Over a year ago, I expressed hope that, someday, Google and Facebook will face “covid vaccine lawsuits” for conspiring to hide the dangers of Covid vaccines from the public.

Such lawsuits may be a few years away, but I am hopeful. Read the above on how people may receive up to $15,000 per person from the above-mentioned Internet giants, who profited mightily on the pandemic but committed evil acts by misleading the public.

Do you think that Pfizer will lose in court?

Thanks to igor-chudov.com