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Featured image: 2011 Photograph of Man-Made Skies Las Vegas Nevada 11 April 2011, 7:30 am, GeoEngineering Current Actions, Agricultural Defense Coalition

In 2007, Dr. Rosalind Peterson gave a presentation at the United Nations in which she stated that chemtrails form man-made clouds that trap warmth in the atmosphere, exacerbate global warming, contribute to long-term climate change, and affect natural resources and agriculture.  Chemtrails ARE NOT a “conspiracy theory,” they are fact – they know and they have always known.

Dr. Rosalind Peterson was California President and co-founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (“ADC”).  The ADC was formed in 2006 to protect agriculture from a wide variety of experimental weather and atmospheric testing programs.  Dr. Peterson also founded California Sky Watch in 2002, when she began researching atmospheric testing and weather modification programs.  She passed away in 2019.

She was a Keynote Speaker at the United Nations (“UN”) 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change held on 5-7 September 2007 at the UN Headquarters in New York.  The conference was given the title  ‘Climate Change: How It Impacts Us All’.  It appears the only reference to this conference that remains on the UN’s website is a press release dated 5 September 2007.  The press release made no mention of Dr. Peterson’s contribution but the Conference’s final report did. 

60thAnnual DPI/NGO Conference, Climate Change How It Impacts Us All,  Final Report, pgs. 24 and 25

At the Conference, Dr. Peterson spoke about agriculture and the negative impacts of experimental weather modification programs on tree and plant health, increasing UV Radiation, aviation impacts on climate, and other important issues. Afterwards, she also presented her UN PowerPoint Presentation to colleges, universities and interested groups. 

Below is a recording of Dr. Peterson’s presentation with an introduction given by herself.  It was downloaded from the California Sky Watch website HERE.

“We are in a global drumbeat right at the moment talking about climate change and global warming.  One of the things that is affected by climate change is agriculture.  But some of what we are seeing is man-made but man-made in a different way than you may guess,” she began.

“Weather modification programmes – experimental ones, done by private companies, done by the United States government, done by states across the United States – are underway.  There are more than 50 of them in operation across the United States.  All of these impact agriculture because they change the micro-climates needed for agriculture to survive.

“There are programmes around the world – international corporations are modifying our weather all the time.  And they’re modifying it in ways that cover thousands and thousands of square miles.  Most of it is chemically altered so what happens is that we are putting chemicals – ground-based chemicals that are shot into the air or chemicals coming from aeroplanes – that change or modify our weather.

“Many times, we’re talking about artificially putting chemicals – like sulphur or particulates – into the atmosphere in what they call geoengineering schemes, to … help the planet, supposedly, help the planet to not go through such a tremendous global climate change and to mitigate global warming. However, the incidents of putting chemicals into our atmosphere are going to change and impact agricultural crop production … reduce crop production.”

Dr. Peterson goes on to give more details about “persistent jet contrails,” which today we colloquially call chemtrails, including how they exacerbate global warming. A chemtrail can expand 4,000 kilometres and last for 20 hours, she said.

“It wasn’t until the late 1980s … that we started have jet contrails that persist … How do you like your skies, natural or man-made?  Right now, we are making man-made clouds and this is trapping warmth in our atmosphere.”

According to NASA, Dr. Peterson said, man-made clouds also contribute to long-term changes in Earth’s climate and affect natural resources.  “Our drinking water is impacted because the chemicals are now beginning to show up in our drinking water … Many of our forests … are dying … we believe that these trees are impacted because they cannot absorb enough water because aluminium is going into their root system,” she said.

The types of chemicals they are using are aluminium, barium, strontium, magnesium, calcium and manganese.

“If we don’t look at the problems that we are creating, the atmospheric testing programmes – in other words, the [persistent] jet contrails that are warming our climate – and we say to ourselves we want to geoengineer something else, we want to add more particulates to help global warming or to stop climate change, what we’re going to have is we’re going to have a pea soup up there of chemicals which are going to be detrimental to our health,” Dr. Peterson said.

Dr. Rosalind Petersen at United Nations 2007 Climate Change Conference (43 mins)


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