It has been quite the journey to understand pure EVIL. Watching the world move into this Transhumanist Satanic war that uses extreme deception of the masses, bioweapons containing nanotechnology, induces war, famines, HAARP induced earthquakes, geoengineering with the destruction of the entire biosphere, medical establishment as a means to legally chip and kill people. All to ensure that the “useless eaters” are being depopulated and that this is the “last generation of humans as the soul and the spirit will be a thing of the past” according to WEF representatives Juval Harari.

I sometimes hear people in the freedom movement talk about what the public supposedly cannot handle or is not ready for. For example, the fact that Graphene and nanotechnology is in the C19 shots supposedly is too much for people. Or the fact that there is no scientific evidence that there are viruses. Or that the food supply has been contaminated with nanotechnology, synthetic biology and other poisons. Others cannot fathom that there are satanic pedophiles that kill children for adrenochrome, that these are not just imaginations but a dark reality of our world. Or that Presidents and anyone else who are not in line with the CIA guidelines gets assassinated. Or that 911 was an inside job, as have been all wars. In psychological mind control operations we have been told that people who say such things are conspiracy theorists.

My view is that people need to understand that everything about reality has been a lie. The Transhumanist agenda is so far advanced and there is no relief of justice in sight. Having seen the change in humanities blood and understanding the technological aspects of the C19 bioweapon shot and its effect on slow depopulation and the human soul ongoing now -made me realize that we are running out of time. People talk about a hopeful 2024, some other potentially stolen election in a rigged system, while the elites are itching to stage the next Marburg plandemic.

Allopathic healthcare is not there to heal you, but to create a lifelong customer to Big Pharma, or they kill you with “vaccines”. There are no two sides of the political spectrum- there is only one, and they are all owned. The courts are not about justice, because they have been corrupted. There is no natural global warming – there is geoengineering and HAARP which controls all weather for warfare purposes while poisoning the planet.

Many awake people know this by now.

However, most people are still in deep sleep or mind hacked. If you read this book, you might wonder about this.

People still do not know the power of absolute Truth, which is the only weapon against this demonic attack. Anyone who is a deceiver, even for what they think is the common good, is an easy target for the AI mind hacking software. “The Jedi mind tricks only work on the weak minded.” Deceivers, in whatever gradient, are by definition weak and controllable.

When I recently found the work of Dr. Robert Duncan, I studied it with great interest, because I finally saw someone who could explain what I have been researching in the possibility of the nanotechnology to mind alter and control and even hijack the soul. I have seen things in people that I could not explain with my common medical experience, effects on their body and brain that mimic torture, like extreme stabbing pains, pulsatile tinnitus, chest pains, extreme neurologic dysfunction in previously highly functional individuals, rapid health decline, extreme fatigue in young people, the sense of doom and evil possession and more. Many people have such extreme symptoms but normal medical evaluations cannot quantitate what is happening. However autonomic nervous system testing and functional brain EEG’s show significant abnormalities. I was always explaining to people that this is a spiritual war in the first place and that the weapons used affect us in the spiritual sense.

It certainly seemed to me that the synthetic biology filament structures found in the blood have a contributing detrimental effect – not just on physical health but also emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Here is the authors background:

Dr. Robert Duncan is a Harvard University trained scientist and engineer who worked on black projects for DARPA, CIA, Justice Department and the Department of Defense. He was involved in artificial intelligence and cybernetics. As an MIT student he studied under professor Noam Chomsky on linguistics, studying computer AI language. During his career he became aware of the military’s experimentation on targeting US civilian populations and soon realized he was part of creating a dangerous weapon if used for dark projects.

I wrote about his presentation on mind control here:

Nanotechnology, Cybernetic Hive Minds, Artificial Intelligence and Mind Control – DARPA and CIA Insider Dr. Robert Duncan’s Interviews Confirms Hijacking Of Human Soul Possible



24. APR.

Nanotechnology, Cybernetic Hive Minds, Artificial Intelligence and Mind Control - DARPA and CIA Insider Dr. Robert Duncan's Interviews Confirms Hijacking Of Human Soul Possible

In this presentation, Dr. Duncan describes the many ways of mind control that have been achieved for decades within the military and civilian arenas. Dr. Robert Duncan is a Harvard University trained scientist and engineer who worked on black projects for DARPA, CIA, Justice Department and the Department of Defense. He was involved in artificial intelli…

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I read his book Project Soul Catcher Volume Two: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed. I believe every adult human on this planet needs to read this. It is beyond horrifying what our own CIA and other secret agencies have done to torture and terrorize innocent civilians. They truly are the agency of S.A.T.A.N – which happens to stand for their Silent Assassination Through Adapting Networks Artificial Intelligence weapon. Interestingly they also have C.H.R.I.S.T. program which is the Common Human Routines Interference Software Technology.

C.H.R.I.S.T. surveils credit card purchases, interest groups, travel, lifestyle, web browsing patters, phone and email speech prints, TV watching patterns, books, movies. GPS tracks individuals, their route patters, speaking patterns and word choice, as well as sleeping patterns.

S.A.T.A.N is used not to stage a suicide but to cause one. It uses behavior modification to death via remote torture and brain hacking.

Remotely heart attacks, blood clots, strokes can be induced in anyone.

I have been talking about the rise of Artificial Intelligence and that this is the true Anti Christ. Dr. Duncan describes that these AI algorithms have created demi gods that automatically can kill humans.

Artificial life is a term used in computer science when simulating and emulating life forms and the evolutionary process. Artificial Neural Networks, purely mathematical functions that simulate brain cell function and simulate human intelligence can be evolved using genetic algorithms….For all intent and purposes, these torture to death programs and silent kill programs are conscious and have creators. This is how the United States national security culture gave rise to this automated weapon of mass destruction. These artificial construct are demi-gods.

Soul Catcher

Article from the London Observer Guardian:

Chris Winter of British Telecom’s artificial life team predicted that within three decades it would be possible to relive other people’s lives by playing back their experiences on a computer… By combining this information with a record of the person’s genes, we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually…

It would be possible to imbue a new-born baby with a lifetime’s experience by giving him the Soul Catcher chip of a dead person… Dr Winter said the team was taking Soul Catcher 2025 very seriously.

“It is possible to make a conscious computer with superhuman levels of intelligence before 2020. It would definitely have emotions.” …

Governments spend enormous resources on unifying the populous. Religion has traditionally been used to unify cultures. However a more intrusive form of unification has begun with develops children and adult brains in a very constrictive box, dream and thought entrainment. Brain entrainments over the population is being tested to see if they can restrict and induce a limited set of thoughts, thereby controlling popular opinion, coercing human perception to a common reality and in essence stealing their soul from self determinism without their knowing consent. Governments find it easier to govern when everyone thinks the same. Personality implantation using electromagnetic entrainments helps this agenda. Think of this as a virus that copies itself to every human being. …

Everyone has a unique brain signature, also called brain prints…If a country could map every cognitive model of every person and keep it in sync with the original, then it could be used as a template to keep the thought patters within functioning parameters. This cognitive modeling technique was called project M.I.N.D., Mentally Integrated Neuron Duplicator. Many peoples brain signals are stored and tracked in real time on supercomputers housed in the semi-secret command, control and communication underground bases in the US.

Volume 2 details the CIA’s practices of interrogation and cybernetic mind control in their pursuit to weaponize neuropsychology. It covers the art of bio-communication war. Human beings are complex machines but their inner workings have been deciphered. Mind control and brainwashing have been perfected in the last 60 years. Hacking computers and hacking into individual minds are similar. The 21st century will be known as the age of spiritual machines and soulless men.

In the book, he speaks about the Zombification of humans via complete mind control. As I have explained before, brain frequencies can be decoded and externally manipulated. All the people who were yelling that the C19 shots are not nanotechnology to bio sense and control humans and create Cyborgs, know nothing about what has been already going on for decades in these black projects. I believe the only way we can survive as humanity against this Artificial Intelligence Satanic rise that is happening everywhere is via information and truth sharing of this kind. How do you know that it is not that same satanic military intelligence that has developed the C19 shots? How do you know what this demi urge AI will not turn the kill switch on billions of people… after all it is fully automated and conscious? When Elon Musk said AI is like summoning the demon… and that humanity may not survive the rise of AI … what do you think that means? The 5G Network and GPS Satellite system with HAARP and other ELF frequency installations are weapons used by our own governments against its people.

Read the book and be informed. And maybe then the nanotechnology and synthetic biology will not seem so strange to you, that we have uncovered in the C19 vials and human blood.

Thanks to Dr. Ana –

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