After the stunning victory in the elections in the Netherlands this week, some are warning that the BBB’s seats may not be sufficient to stop the Dutch government’s land grab.

Both Michael Yon and Eva Vlaardingerbroek have tweeted that a coalition between left-wing political parties, who have held their seats, means that they are able to outvote the BBB and pass all the laws needed to begin the theft of farmers’ land.

The Farmer Citizens’ Movement or BoerBurgerBeweging (“BBB”) has now become the third-largest political force in the country. Wednesday’s elections saw the party win the most votes in at least nine of the country’s 12 provinces. At the time of writing, 3 provinces were still to finalise their results.

Below is a summary of the results where PvDA is Labour, CDA is the Christian Democratic Appeal, GroenLinks is the GreenLeft, VVD is Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy and PVV is the Freedom Party. You can read a description of the main Dutch political parties as of 2017 HERE.

In the Netherlands, the Farmer’s party BBB (BoerBurgerBeweging) became the first party in all provinces, Amsterdam Fox, 17 March 2023

Reversing the government’s approach to nitrogen emissions may become BBB’s key platform.  BBB’s mission states: “Farmers cannot do without citizens, citizens cannot do without farmers. The countryside is good for roughly five to six million inhabitants of the Netherlands. Outside the four major cities, rural areas have different dynamics and lifestyles, in which neighbourly assistance and joint – bottom-up – solving problems are self-evident.  BBB stands up for these residents, who do not recognise themselves in the government policy aimed at the big cities.”

However, as NOS reported, BBB got about a third of its votes from the countryside and about 22% from large urban areas, such as Leiden and larger. 22% of the vote coming from large urban areas makes BBB on par with PVV or the Socialist Party (“SP”) and a lot more “urban” than, for example, CDA, which gets about 13% of its votes in large urban areas.

Although BBB is now a significant political force it may not be enough to stop the theft of farmers’ land by the Government.  Reuters reported on Wednesday that: “The two most cooperative parties, Labour and GreenLeft, looked set to have held on to their seats, keeping their combined group at a par with BBB and possibly enough to maintain support for Rutte’s policies.”

This is “Catastrophic for [the] Netherlands – a coalition of left parties can now pass all the laws needed to begin expropriation of farmland,” Yon tweeted in response to Reuters’s report.

“Really bad news. The first election results are in: The ruling parties suffered some losses, but with the help of the Labour Party and the GreenLeft they will still be able to form a majority in the Senate to pass the nitrogen policies, including expropriation,” Vlaardingerbroek tweeted.

In addition to the threat from a coalition of Labour and GreenLeft, farmers could be facing a threat from within BBB itself.   BBB’s “talking points” are ultimately highly destructive to farmers, Yon said during the build-up to the elections.

“For instance, the idea that cow dung is toxic for the environment and nitrogen is poisonous.  FVD party accurately dismisses these nonsense claims outright .. [But BBB’s leader, Caroline van der Plas,] seeks to ‘negotiate’ with the authoritarian government,” he said.

Michael Yon became one of America’s youngest Green Berets at 19 years old. Michael has lived over half of his life abroad travelling to more than 80 countries. Author of three books in the United States and three others in Japan, he is America’s most experienced combat correspondent.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a Dutch political and cultural commentator and legal philosopher. She has been featured on Fox NewsGB News, Tim Pool, ‘Achtung, Reichelt’ and many other media outlets across the world.

During a recent interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, Yon and Vlaardingerbroek discussed recent events encircling the Dutch farmers’ protest, how their anti-globalist movement mirrors the Canadian Freedom Convoy, and how their message has resonated across the world despite best efforts to silence their voices.

The interview, which took place on 12 March and before last week’s elections, covered a broad range of topics: information warfare, the nitrogen “crisis,” why the Netherlands seeks to destroy farmers, famine, migrants, the Dutch spirit, dystopian technology, smart cities, digital currencies, fertilizer shortages and what the Dutch farmers will do. 

If you find you are short of time and unable to watch the interview all in one go, there is a comprehensive index of chapters and timestamps in the description section below the video on YouTube.

Jordan B Peterson: Dutch Farmers: Canaries in the Globalist Coal Mine | Michael Yon & Eva Vlaardingerbroek,
16 March 2023 (100 mins)

If the video above is removed from YouTube you can watch it on Bitchute HERE.


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