Member of the UK Parliament Andrew Bridgen told NHS100K that global elites conspired to keep coronavirus secret for months, before exaggerating its severity to impose restrictions. 

He said security services had known about the virus in the summer of 2019, months before its official identification, and were advised not to take any Covid “vaccines” or tests.  He added that Covid was engineered to be a bioweapon and less harmful than the public was led to believe.

Mr. Bridgen also questioned whether influenza had been reclassified as Covid, said that treatments were suppressed so the “vaccine” could be authorised for use on the public and he believes he is suffering injuries as a result of having taken the AstraZeneca injection.

A week after his “vaccines harms speech” in Parliament, Mr. Bridgen spoke with Matt Taylor of NHS100K.  Mr. Bridgen said has never had the level of public interest and support as he has had over the issues he raised in Parliament.  “There’s a huge public interest in all of this, which obviously the mainstream media are completely ignoring,” he said.

“I think there are very few rewards for anybody from taking the vaccine.  Someone’s making an awful lot of money out of this … We’ve sacrificed enough of our citizens now on the altar of ignorance and unfettered corporate greed.”

In his Parliamentary speech, Mr. Bridgen talked through the evidence and how we have got to the position where unsafe vaccines are being administered to the public thanks to Big Pharma’s lobbying of politicians, their advertising power, and control of corporate media and the scientific community.  Pfizer reportedly made $45 billion out of the vaccine last year, Mr. Bridgen told Taylor. “That’s half of their worldwide profits.  So, you can buy a lot of influence with that.”

“It’s been amazing that there’s been no allowed challenge to the narrative that these vaccines are safe and effective. They’ve been produced in record time … and if they’re safe and effective why is there an indemnity for vaccine manufacturers for claims for harms?  Why would you need that?”

In response to his Parliamentary speech, Covidians have doubled down.  As Tom Whipple of The Times reported:

In a debate before Christmas, [Mr. Bridgen] reiterated his call for vaccinations to end – and was opposed by his colleague Maria Caulfield. Labour said this was not enough though.

“Why won’t Rishi Sunak grow a backbone, stand up to his own party, and make it clear that dangerous conspiracy theories have no place in his Conservative Party?” said Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s shadow public health minister.

“Getting people vaccinated is of critical importance … The prime minister’s weakness is enabling the spreading of baseless, offensive, and dangerous antivax disinformation.”Tory MP Andrew Bridgen says Covid-19 was kept secret then exploited, The Times, 31 December 2022

You can watch Mr. Bridgen’s interview with NHS100K below.  NHS100K is a group of NHS care and social staff.  It was set up in November 2021 by a group of ambulance workers, who support freedom of choice and reject vaccine mandates, to support both NHS and care staff.


NHS100K: MP Andrew Bridgen, 21 December 2022 (60 mins)

In the video above, Mr. Bridgen said re-analysis of samples pre-2020 show that the virus spread unnoticed by the public, without causing harm, before governments conspired to fabricate a crisis. Mr. Bridgen explained that the virus had been circulating for at least six months before the first lockdown in the UK. 

“There’s clear evidence [ ] that the virus was circulating in Europe in the summer of 2019 … I’ve seen some evidence which is unequivocal, some cancer biopsy samples which were taken at the end of August 2019 … from Italy … about 15% [of the samples] were infected with Covid-19,” Mr. Bridgen said.  He has also been told that an analysis of sewage samples in London showed that Covid was circulating in the autumn of 2019.  But, “the hospitals weren’t overflowing and people were not dying in the streets,” he said.

Mr. Bridgen has been very sceptical of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (“SAGE”) from early on.  They’re an unelected group of far-left academics who got their dream of running the country, Mr. Bridgen said. “Their recommendations were unbelievable.  I mean, Neil Ferguson at Imperial with his doom-mongering predictions that we’re all going to be dying of Covid.”

Mr. Bridgen pointed out that the average age of someone who died with Covid was over 82 years old, older than expected longevity. “That’s not a killer disease.  That’s called the flu, isn’t it? … We haven’t had any flu deaths for a few [years] where have they all gone?” Or, as Taylor pointed out, Covid deaths was the reclassification of someone who died of natural causes at the right age.

Mr. Bridgen made the Government and Jeremy Hunt, in particular, aware of science papers about some of the possible treatments:

“I was very disappointed with the response I got from the Government and Jeremy Hunt, who was the chair of the Health Select Committee … [The response was] embarrassing. He turned around to me and said ‘don’t send me scientific papers I don’t understand them’.  I said ‘well, but you were in the health service for seven years, what you can’t read a scientific paper?’  Maybe he could and maybe he didn’t want to.

“We were told, take these vaccines and you’re 100% protected from Covid … It turns out that was a known non-truth … and then people were being told you’re selfish if you don’t want to take it … Then we find it not only doesn’t stop you catching it, [but also] it doesn’t stop you transmitting it.

“The mandates were all illegal. So, some 40,000 care workers were kicked out of their jobs, there’s no scientific basis for that, no moral basis for that.  So, there’s room for a class action against the Government.”

It is clear to Mr. Bridgen now, that while the public rolled over, gave away all their freedoms – was locked down, followed social distancing rules and wore masks – at 10 Downing Street (“No.10”), the official residence and office of the UK Prime Minister, there was no social distancing or wearing of masks. 

“They knew all the science. They had access to all the science in No.10 better than anybody else.  They were telling us what to do [but] they weren’t doing it and obviously weren’t worried about the impact of catching the virus. It makes a mockery of what went on.  And clearly, they knew it wasn’t dangerous because they weren’t scared at all, but they were scaring the willies out of the public.

“It’s not just on [Covid].  [It’s] climate change, the economic crisis, the war in Ukraine … A third of our young people under 24 think the world’s going to burn up in a ball of fire in the next 10 years … This is absolute hocus pocus.”

Mr. Bridgen has spoken to a BBC cameraman who attended some of the daily televised coronavirus briefings.  Remember the briefings where the lecterns were spaced out and the people taking the briefing would walk in, socially distancing while wearing masks? The rule was that only one media person could attend, to do both the sound and the camera, and had to test negative for Covid beforehand.  The cameraman said that in front of the camera was as we saw it on TV with social distancing etc, but standing right behind him, out of camera shot, dozens of special advisers were not wearing masks or social distancing.  This was the same every time he attended a briefing. “It was a pantomime,” Mr. Bridgen said.

“I’ve spoken to [ ] people who’ve recently left security services around the world and they’ve told me that they knew in September [2019] what was going to happen.  Some of them have told me they knew in August.  And they were also told not to take any vaccines or tests.  I wish they had told me before I took my two [doses of] AstraZeneca.”

Mr. Bridgen has likely been vaccine injured.  Post-vaccination he has developed an immune system disorder, as have some of his colleagues, and will be on medication for the rest of his life.

Mr. Bridgen said he did not know why governments would have been motivated to behave in the way they did, but suspected it was due to pharmaceutical companies seeking profit, adding, “[it] reeks of insider trading”.  “This would have taken a lot of planning over many, many years – an awful lot of organisation and money,” he said.

“Worldwide we’ve had this pandemic of what is undoubtedly a manufactured bioweapon.  It’s a manufactured virus, whether its gain-of-function or worse, which gain-of-function is actually making bioweapons.  You’d have thought the most important thing you want to know is: where did it come from and how can we make sure it never happens again?

“No one’s interested because I think the powers that be know where it came from, they know why. That’s the only conclusion I can come to. And they probably don’t want us to know where it came from and how it came to be.

“I think it got out in July.  Whether that was on purpose or accident [I don’t know].  But clearly, someone’s watched that develop for months and months and months, and then someone’s exploited the situation. And then we went into this full Covid mode in spring 2020 when actually it had been there for the best part of a year.”

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Featured image: London police, protesters clash at COVID-19 demonstration, Associated Press, 26 September 2020