Alarming defence reforms proposed by Australia’s federal government could see defence contractors embedded with the Australian Defence Force and national security agencies.

Australians must recognise the danger posed by allowing global arms manufacturers embedded access to its defence and national security agencies, and restrict their involvement in any way possible.

The following are extracts from the article ‘Will the military-industrial complex take over Australia?’ by George Christensen

Australians who already think that Big Government working hand-in-hand with Big Corporations is a danger to freedom and liberty will be absolutely alarmed by news that the powerful military-industrial complex could take control of their nation’s defence force and national security agencies.

With recent reforms proposed by the Albanese Labor government, this possibility is quickly becoming a reality with international weapons companies set to become further embedded in the nation’s armed forces and security agencies.

A report by Michelle Fahey of Undue Influence details just how the military-industrial complex could gain a foothold in both the Australian Defence Force and the Australian national security apparatus under those Albanese Labor government reforms.  A summary of Fahey’s opinion piece is as follows:

  • The Albanese Labor government is reforming the 1903 Defence Act and related legislation to more deeply integrate involvement by the US arms industry in Australia’s defence and national security establishment.
  • The legislative amendments are expected to sail through parliament with limited scrutiny.
  • The proposed legislative reforms, ambiguous consultation paper, and muted manner of release add further cause for concern.
  • Development and funding of lethal autonomous weapons is occurring out of the public view, with no international legal framework regulating their development or use.
  • The US government has outsourced parts of its drone assassination program to defence contractors, killing innocent civilians, and Pine Gap has played a facilitating role in these killings.
  • The deadline for public feedback on reforms is tight with submission closing in just one week: 21 April.

Read more: Weapons-makers set to gain more influence in defence operations, Michelle Fahy, 14 April 2023

Most people consider the military-industrial complex to be a shadowy cabal of colluding corporate defence contractors, and corrupt government officials who operate just inside the letter of law, but certainly not within the spirit of the law. This cabal takes advantage of sovereign nations and erstwhile sovereign national defence and national security systems.

By promoting “forever wars” – which are conflicts that seem to be without end and/or clear outcome such as those in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Ukraine – they then get to peddle weapons of mass destruction to the highest bidder.  They literally get rich off of the death and destruction that they manufacture… ridiculously rich; and all the while the taxpayer foots the bill and their children – young men and women – are sent into harm’s way to engage in their “forever wars.”

It is clear that Australians must not let the military-industrial complex take over – or even get a greater foothold in – the nation’s defence and security apparatus and agenda.

Fundamental freedoms and privacy are under threat if such a situation comes to pass; not only will these embedded corporations break traditional line-of-command principles but they will also have the potential to exercise an undue influence over Australia’s defence strategy and decision-making.

Ultimately, to preserve liberty and privacy, Australians must recognise the danger posed by allowing global arms manufacturers embedded access to its defence and national security agencies, and restrict their involvement in any way possible.

Read the full article HERE.

About the Author

George Christensen is a former Australian politician, a Christian, freedom lover, conservative, blogger, podcaster, journalist and theologian. He has been feted by the Epoch Times as a “champion of human rights” and his writings have been praised by Infowars’ Alex Jones as “excellent and informative.”

Featured image: Military-Industrial Complex, History, 21 August 2018


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