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If those planning our future have their way, we will very soon live in a context of bare subsistence, under open-prison conditions, with “money” functioning as both GPS tracking bracelet and instrument of instantaneous sanction.

We will be permitted to continue eating, though of course only if we follow the many rules laid down by the Plutocrat neo-Pharaohs who now hold the privates of our political “representatives” in their tender clasps.

And you expect to have an opinion AS WELL?

By John Waters

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s biggest hedge fund company has made it clear: Democracy is no longer fit for the kind of capitalism being ushered in so as to consolidate the wealth of the wealthiest and bring the world – or whatever will be left of it – finally to its knees before him and his fellow bandits.

“Markets doesn’t like uncertainty,” he cautions. “Markets like actually . . . totalitarian governments, where you have an understanding of what’s out there, and obviously the whole dimension is changing now with a democratisation of countries. And democracies are very messy. As we know, in the United States we have opinions changing back and forth.”

Opinions? Changing opinions? Oh my! Something must be done or there will be no end to this mess of opinionating! Clearly, what markets “like” matters a great deal more than what human beings want or need.

And, if Larry has his say (and he usually does) something will indeed be done. What it boils down to is that you may have food on your table or an opinion emanating from your mouth – but not both.

This is the meaning of everything that is happening. Nothing of what we have observed for the past 40 months has any other meaning. It has had nothing to do with health, or protecting the planet, or cherishing those “fleeing war zones,” or protecting the fragile sensitivities of life’s perennial victims.

Everything that is happening, as I explain to the Baron, is about making the rich richer and tramping the rest of us into the dirt.

Get real. Get ready. We have one chance of actually, really saving the world.

[Note: We have embedded the video below to begin 30 minutes into the interview.]

Baron Strawberry: The Baron meets John Waters, 18 June 2023 (92 mins)

About the John Waters

John Waters is an Irish columnist and author. He started his career with music and politics magazine Hot Press and also wrote for the Sunday Tribune newspaper. He later edited the social magazine In Dublin and the investigative and current affairs magazine Magill. He became a regular columnist at the Irish Times and then the Irish Independent.  He has also been a member of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.  After leaving Irish journalism, he has published articles in First Thingsfrontpagemag.comThe Spectator, and The Spectator USA.

Waters has authored 10 books and devised The Whoseday Book which raised 3 million euros for the Irish Hospice Foundation. He regularly publishes articles on his Substack page ‘John Waters Unchained’ which you can subscribe to HERE.


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