We know that the globalist intelligence services have partnered with big tech to build us a digital prison to enforce social credit score-controlled Central Bank Digital Currencies. 

We know that they seek to control our genetics through genetic vaccination, our money through CBDCs and our carbon footprint through social credit scores and our movement through 15 minute cities.

The plan according to Bill Gates is that those who are non-compliant will be ‘excluded’.

You will be left to live your life with no means of paying any bills or buying or selling anything for money. They will steal every penny you have ever earned if you fail to comply.

Those who do comply will be forced to collaborate with this new segregation and exclusion as globalist slaves. Those who refuse will be inmates in a concentration camp with no facilities at all, managed by those who comply and collaborate.. 

This will be a worldwide rerun of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, from which the globalists have learned absolutely nothing. Indeed several key elements of the holocaust are already in place. The Digital Prison Project is well advanced as Fat Emperor points out on Twitter.

By a concerned reader
(The views expressed in this article are entirely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of The Expose.)

Every single tenet of globalist morality is a deception. They have no interest in the rights of ethnic minorities. They have no interest in the rights of men or women or children or parents or alphabet people or pronoun people. They have no interest in the right-wing or the left-wing. They have no interest in law or in any right of anybody other than themselves. Every phrase they utter is wartime propaganda designed to help them achieve their goal of: Be our slave or die. 

They are deliberately destroying western economies under the pretext of Covid protection. They are deliberately weakening western militaries under the pretext or sexuality inclusion and ethnic inclusion. They are deliberately destroying family authority under the pretext that the state is a better parent than you are.

They are deliberately destroying farming and food supplies under the pretext of net zero. They are deliberately destroying lawfulness in cities and hence the cities themselves under the pretext of more racially sensitive policing, in order to make us all less secure.

They are deliberately destroying and weaponising medicine and healthcare worldwide, under the pretext of expert committee-controlled protocols and woke administrative procedures in order to destroy our self-sufficiency and our independence. They want us all to become 100% dependent upon Big Pharma just like an HIV victim is today. Hence VAIDS.

The formula they deploy is the following.

1: What goal do we wish to achieve?
2. What measures do we need to introduce in order to achieve that goal?
3. What lofty pretext can we invent to justify those measures?

Then they evangelise the lofty pretext as a great goal to aim for. But it is a meaningless facade for the purpose of painting their true destructive plans as something they are not.

Build Back Better is perhaps one of the simplest examples. Obviously, before you build back you have to knock down. So really Build Back Better means: We Destroy Everything You Have. 

They seek to appear as angels of light whilst executing missions for the demons of the darkness.

They seek to destroy our morality whilst representing they are updating it.

The seek to destroy our immune systems whilst representing they are strengthening them by reprogramming them..
They seek to sexually pervert and genitally mutilate our children whilst representing that they are liberating them from an oppressive and anachronistic binary gender stereotype and liberating them to be their true selves (which just happens to be an image of them rather than of their parents made them).

The have already destroyed our democracies by computerised vote rigging whilst representing that all those who question the integrity of their obviously flawed election results are themselves the real danger to ‘our democracy’.

They seek to corrupt true science, which is predicated on skeptical and critical debate of every conclusion, by refusing to fund experiments or publish results or entertain long established scientific principles which refute their false assertions, whilst claiming that they are ‘The Science’.

They seek to misclassify and disclassify true information as dismisinformation, whilst peddling dismisinformation as true information corroborated by ‘independent’ fact checkers who are paid by the very people peddling the dismisinformation.
They seek to criminalise sustainable morality whilst legislating the annihilation of our species through rampant unsustainable immorality.

Some of these deceptions are paper thin. Others take a while to see through. But they all have the same format. Its like my favourite Nigerian Politician whose name I never recorded once said.

“There are 2 reasons why a politician does something. There is the real reason he is doing it which he will never tell you. And there is the reason he tells you he is doing it which is not the real reason he is doing it”

This is more often stated in a weaker form as: “There is always two reasons for doing a thing: one is a good reason and the other is the real reason.”

So what we are seeing worldwide is not about Net Zero, or Black Lives Matter, or Alphabet Sexuality or Racial Equity or Health Security through Vaccines. These are all pretexts for a war on the mankind to rob us of our freedoms. For that is what war does. It creates death and it creates slavery for those who are conquered.

Nobody in their right mind wants WW3. If there was a properly counted referendum of the people in any country asking whether they wish to have WW3, the result would be an overwhelming NO. But we will for a fact have WW3. Because these countries are NOT democracies. They are run by very small numbers of powerful people who see benefits to themselves in the death and suffering of others. People like Soros and Gates. The information artillery barrage for WW3 has already begun. The globalists want total control over your life and the biggest pretext of them all for total control is war.

There will be WW3, because the globalists want total control of your life and they want it now. And WW3 is the fastest route to that control. In a war, governments can silence opposition and make arbitrary decrees for ‘national security’ and it is difficult for the individual citizen to respond effectively. 

The globalists want total power now. They do not want it in 2030. They want it in 2023. Their covid narrative has collapsed, thanks to the efforts of The Exposé, Infowars and many other alternative media publishers and podcasters. Bill Gates has sold his shareholding in Moderna for a massive profit and now says that:

“We also need to fix the three problems of vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection blocking, they’re not broad, so when new variants come up you lose protection, and they have very short duration, particularly in the people who matter, which are old people.” – Bill Gates

Fauci has written a paper in Cell Host and Microbe the Summary of which starts with the words…

“Viruses that replicate in the human respiratory mucosa without infecting systemically, including influenza A, SARS-CoV-2, endemic coronaviruses, RSV, and many other “common cold” viruses, cause significant mortality and morbidity and are important public health concerns. Because these viruses generally do not elicit complete and durable protective immunity by themselves, they have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines.” – Daivd Morens, Jeffrey Taubenberger, Anthony Fauci

So the two main proponents of vaccination now publicly admit that the vaccines are INEFFECTIVE. For your amusement. Here is how the phoney fact-checkers deny this.

Fauci: recent paper doesn’t suggest COVID vaccines ineffective –  Associated Press

Whereas the Daily Caller correctly reported…

‘Scientific And Public Health Failure’: Fauci Admits COVID Shots Didn’t Have A Chance Of Controlling The Pandemic

So they need something else to scare us into submission. They have shot their credibility to pieces with pandemics. Only 3% of UK under 50s took a booster after April 2022. So the obvious next fear campaign is WW3.

Every aggressor in a war utilises the element of surprise to put himself into what he believes to be an undefeatable position before he invades. The Germans did this in WW2 by joining forces with Russia and the Slovaks in order to invade Poland with an unstoppable multinational blitzkrieg. This indeed is why the Polish are so supportive of Ukraine today. Putin succeeded in doing it in Crimea but miscalculated for the Donbas and the rest of the Ukraine. He was defeated by his own success in Crimea one might say. The globalists will get their digital prison ready before we realise it and deploy it before we are ready to defend ourselves from it. That is the plan of every aggressor. 

So we must expect WW3 this year. Indeed I write this article to persuade Exposé readers to get 12 months of prep ready now if you can afford it. Because you are the very demographic who will need it. Imagine for argument’s sake that in 30 days time all your money becomes worthless since you refuse to be vaccinated and refuse to collaborate with the globalists and refuse to join their exclusion operations as a digital concentration camp guard. Imagine further that they keep the prison going for a year before God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Mankind’s indomitable spirit, overcomes it. How are you going to fight them if you spend that whole year worrying about paying your bills and getting food into your belly and into the bellies of your loved ones under martial law?

I would advise all Expose readers, and everyone else who refuses to collaborate with the destruction of humanity to do as much as they can now, whilst food can be purchased cheaply and whilst bills can be paid in advance, to be 12 months ahead of the curve before the ‘surprise’ announcement that the DEATH STAR IS FULLY OPERATIONAL is made and were are all required to join the empire or be excluded. 

Guided Missiles and Misguided Men

There is a morality which gives a race of high tech free willed beings a future. We have to find it and embrace it before it is too late. 

In simple terms, if you keep making the engine of a car larger and larger and the steering wheel smaller and smaller you will end up flying off the road like an American Dragster. Mankind’s technology is getting more and more powerful but our morality is getting weaker and weaker because it is under attack like never before by anti-morality, by moral pathogens. The truth is under attack by politics. Science is under attack by careerism. Children are under attack by sex heads. Families are under attack by ‘Social Services’. In short, love is under attack. And it is love which smooths the path to a future wherein we do not destroy ourselves with our own technology. Dr Martin Luther King Jr said in 1963:

We live in a world of guided missiles and misguided men. 

Well now, in 2023, 60 years later, we have GPS-guided hypersonic missiles and men so misguided that they do not know if they are men or they are women. What hope do we have?

How long can we continue to be ever taller technological giants and ever smaller moral dwarfs? Here is the problem in stark mathematical terms

Technology > Morality  => Destruction
Morality > Technology => Salvation

In the days of MLK we were a teenager playing with nuclear fireworks. Today we are an toddler playing with nuclear annihilation. We are a snowman hoping that winter lasts for a few more days.

We have so much to offer as a species. But it is meaningless if our moral immunity is busted. In fact it is meaningless if our moral immunity is intact but the moral immunity of our leaders is busted. And I am sure you will agree that the moral immunity of those who rule over us has gone. I mean we have have one MP in the UK who has not sold out to the Deep Intel State globalists fronted by Big Pharma, Andrew Bridgen, 1 out of 650, And he was forced into that position by an adverse reaction to the vaccines. He was actually pretty late to the party. But he is more than welcome. So I am afraid from a political and moral point of view, WW3 is inevitable. Too many of mankind have to put their hands in the fire before he realise that fire is too hot for a human hand. Some can get there theoretically. But not enough.

A Biblical Perspective on Globalism

Now I want to paint the real picture as I see it.

Physically the situation could not be worse. Spiritually it could not be better. In the garden of Eden Adam and Eve were set a test that they were always going to fail. Eve was no match for Satan who acted like a serpent and had existed as an angel for thousands of years before he deceived the first Mark II human woman. In fact Adam had to fail the test or he would never have learned good from bad which is the job of every child of God. So yes they both died. But no it was not the end for either of them. It was actually a necessary step in their advancement to divinity. A journey that all the children of God are on. For like begets like in the world created by God. They ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. A tree which we are still eating from today. We see the good, the doctors who speak up for the victims of the vaccines at the expense of their careers and we see the bad, the doctors who vaccinate those victims for the advancement of their careers.

This article is the product of my and other people’s experience of Good and Bad. So the deaths of Adam and Eve seemed like a disaster and they led to the deaths of all of their children so far. But they were rescued from that disaster by the love of one angel Michael (Jesus) who ransomed Adam and gave him something far greater than he had lost. So actually God turned what LOOKED LIKE a terminal disaster into a total triumph for love. That was on 3993Nisan14 BC, 6014 years and 10 Hebrew months ago.

We are in a not dissimilar situation today. Indeed it is an isomorphic situation. Things are looking almost as bleak for the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve today as they did 6014 years ago. It looks like Satan has the means to wipe us all off the face of the earth if he does not get precisely what he wants, which is worship. He wants us to bow down to the image of Daniel3, the CBDCs, the image of the Beast of Revelagtion13, the image which talks and causes to be killed everyone who will not worship the new money. Money which talks. Smart Money. Living Money which says: Transaction denied due to insufficient social credit score. Money which says:  No cheeseburger for you glasshopper!

15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (Revelation 13 KJV)

We are killed by exclusion if we refuse to worship the new money, the government-controlled digital currency, the CBDCs.

But this time we are not so dumb as we look. Many of us will pass this test on mankind. Because we have 6014 years of experience as a race and we have eaten a lot of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of God and Bad. 97% of UK under 50s now know the NHS and the government and SAGE and the JCVI and the MHRA and PHE and the UKHSA and the BBC and Sky News and the MSM to be liars who care more for their careers than they do for our health.

They love money more than their brothers and that is the test that is coming upon all mankind. But modern man and modern woman are no longer as naive as Eve was to the slithery sideways moving devil and to his forked tongue.

So yes. The peril today is just as great as it was in Eden. More so even, in that if God does not step in we shall wipe ourselves out (for if those days were not cut short no flesh would be saved Matthew24:22). 

But God is a better film director even than Steven Spielberg when it comes to suspense movies. He will leave it to the last moment of the last moment before the cavalry arrives. There are 2 lessons that man has to learn.

1. Do not make war.
2. Love God and your brother more than money and status

God will succeed in teaching us lesson1 for Isaiah declares…

4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. (Isaiah 2 KJV)

A plowshare is the soil cutting blade of a plough, a single tilling device which was pulled by a bull in the old days. Today we have several of them in a line pulled by a tractor. Now how is God going to teach mankind to stop making weapons and start making farming equipment instead?

Well he has to let us get to the point where it is more than obvious, I mean really really obvious, that if we continue war for one more day, all of mankind will be wiped out. I am sorry. But that is the only way to do it for this generation. That is how intellectually blind we are. that is how little foresight we have. That is how little faith we have in cause and effect or common sense these days. 

The only way to get us to that point is by having some nuclear detonations in WW3. Indeed the 4th horseman of the apocalypse has a long sword, which is biblical symbolism for a WMD. I mean a really long sword, with a blast radius of several miles.

And the 2nd horse of the apocalypse is war (WW3).  And the apocalypse has begun. The truth about the corruption and dishonesty of the governments of the world is coming out already in a way it never has before. We see the deep intel state behind them. We see their big pharma and big tech facades. We hear their propaganda from the mainstream media. The 1st horseman is about to ride. And the 2nd is not far behind him. 

So we are looking at a massive tragedy. But it will be the most therapeutic tragedy mankind has ever faced. It will result in the end of war and the fulfilment of the words of Isaiah2 and Micah4 and of John Lennon who said: War is over. 

If you are worried about dying. Allow me to put you out of your misery. Stop worrying. You ARE going to die. We are all going to die just as Adam and Eve both died. But just as their deaths were a necessary stepping stone to the wisdom they needed to have a futre and just as their death were fixed the minute they occurred. So it will be with our deaths. And we shall receive even greater wisdom than they did. A whole apocalypse of it in fact!  For the scripture says…

18 Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them in the day of Jehovah’s fury; but by the fire of his zeal the whole earth will be devoured, because he will make an extermination, indeed a terrible one, of all the inhabitants of the earth. (Zephaniah 1 NWT)
18 Their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of Jehovah. But all the earth shall be consumed by the fire of His jealousy. For He shall make a complete, yea, a speedy end of all those living in the land. (Zephaniah 1 GLT)

It sounds worse than it is. For 50% of mankind, those with any type of faith in a divine creator, those who obey the 1st law, will be raptured into the greater Ark of Noah and therefore will not actually be living in the land. So only 50% of mankind are killed by the extermination of Zephaniah1. 

You cannot see the Kingdom of God (in that ark) unless you are born again. So all those who are raptured actually die to Adam and born again in the flesh. For which you have to die in the flesh first. These people die to Adam or to Cain and are then resurrected are resurrected non adamically or non cainianly.

This being their Edenic restoration. This is a very technical death which is not detectable, by the person who dies. It is a gene zap which means that you wake up in the morning in a different body genetically to the one you went to sleep in. But you do not notice it at all. You wake up in the body you would have had, had Adam not sinned (or Cain not killed his brother) and had all your ancestors been the edenic versions of themselves rather than adamic/cainian versions which age. You are literally born again genetically as Edenic you. 

That was the thing that first made me suspicious about the vaccines. I found it too much of a coincidence that at the very time God was gene zapping us to make us non adamic/cainian, returning us to our Edenic state, and thereby ending human ageing, Satan wanted to gene zap us to protect us from a virus. In other words:

At the very time God wanted to gene-zap us to make us his non-ageing edenic living children, Satan wanted to gene-zap us to make us into his constructively dead children. 

Do not worry if you are jabbed. One is not saved by genetics. If you have faith you will be baptised and gene-zapped again to become a child of God. Whereas if you love your brother you will be Passover executed and resurrected into the ark in a non-Adamic/Cainian body.

The vaccines only give Satan temporary authority over you we think. That is why they keep finding excuses to revaccinate people with precisely the same antigen that their immune system has seen several times before. Even the bivalent jabs are 50% the original computer generated Wuhan Hu1 spike protein RNA.

If you do not believe that the jabs temporarily affect your salvation status (but can be overridden by faith or love – which may be more difficult to exhibit with vax-mediated neurological damage) answer me this….

Why does German law require Euthanasia clinics to vaccinate people before they terminate them?

As regards the 50% left on the earth all of whom are killed, half of them (25% of the total) have love for the brothers. These ones are obeying the 2nd law.

They will be resurrected into the ark on the 3rd day after they are Passover executed. So they are only dead for 2 days really. They just take a 2 day nap.

The final 25% who obey neither the 1st nor the 2nd law, who love neither God nor their brothers, are resurrected into Gehenna (Hell). Hell is a prison with a maximum sentence of 1,000 years, the duration of the Sabbath millennium of the Kingdom of God.

Hell is like the stands in a football match. You can watch the game. But cannot partake in it or influence it. For you would corrupt it. You have not yet learned how to play Kingdom football. Your ball control is crap.

These two 50:50 splits are the two men in the field (righteous) one of whom is taken and the two men in one bed (unrighteous) one of which is taken and the same for women. For one is not sexist in salvation.

The minute (well the testing actually takes 50 days of the length of the inner gates of the temple of Ezekiel47, 50 cubits, a day for a cubit – with 3 testing Booths) you have shown to God that you have woken up and you have faith in him you will be raptured.

The minute you have shown to God that you love your brothers (3 witnesses are needed), you will be Passover executed on the 14th of the month and ark resurrected on the 16th of the Hebrew month just as Jesus was. 

When mankind is oppressed we put our petty differences aside and cooperate against the oppressor. So I am sure a lot of love will be shown when people are excluded from food and healthcare by heartless psychopaths posing as medical luminaries and planetary saviours.

If you keep your humanity you will save others and God will reciprocate by saving you. If you lose your humanity you will condemn others and God will condemn you. If there is one moral lesson that everybody should understand. It is: Do not work for a concentration camp. There will be no excuse for those who seek to save their souls by abusing others  That is when Jesus’s words will be fulfilled when he says: 

25 For whoever may desire to save his soul [by collaborating with a murderous regime] will lose it. But whoever may lose his soul for my sake will find it.
26 For what will a man be benefited if he should gain the whole world [through a vaccine Passport], but forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give [as] an exchange [for] his soul? (Matthew 16 GLT adapted from the Greek)

The Mark of the Beast on the hand is the vaccine passport, shown with the hand.

The Mark of the Beast on the forehead is social credit scores (thinking about increasing yours so you can buy a double cheeseburger rather than a double bug burger).

The Image of the Beast, that lives and talks, is smart money, Social credit score linked CBDCs

The Present fulfilment of Daniel7

The Bear of Daniel7:5 is Russia being at war. All the beasts in Daniel7 are at war. Predatory beasts constantly attempt to eat each other.

The first beast of Daniel7:4, like a lion with the wings of an eagle is the UK-US military beast at war in Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan until the catastrophic withdrawal from Kabul by the Globalist-controlled US and UK armies. Leaving 89 Billion dollars of equipment and 1000 civilians behind to be massacred was no mistake. It was a Green light to Putin that Biden would not prevent him attacking Ukraine. Putin asked Trump if he could invade Ukraine and Trump said No. But Putin did invade under Biden. This means the Putin asked Biden and Biden said Yes. But Putin wanted proof. He did not believe Biden, knowing him to be a liar. He wanted an assurance that the globalists were in control of the US military and therefore he was essentially free to attack Ukraine. The withdrawal from Kabul, which broke every principle of US military conduct (do not leave classified gear or US citizens behind), was the proof he was given. Imagine being Trump knowing that Biden agreed to what you refused. 

Biden (Obama46) having agreed to Putin invading Ukraine then started arming Ukraine! That is the globalists for you. They are playing both sides of the war. Why did the US government release Victor Bout, the Merchant of Death, a Russian arms dealer, in the middle of a war, just when Russia needed some more arms? They are arming both sides having green-lighted the conflict in the first place. 

The 3 ribs in the bear’s mouth are the 3 provinces of Ukraine: Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk that were annexed by agreement between Putin and his Wagner operatives in the Donbas at the start of the conflict (and in 2014 for Crimea)…
The bear getting up and eating much flesh but not getting any more ribs is Putin mobilising his 300,000+ conscripts and creating the killing fields of Bakhmut with WW1 type tactics sacrificing huge numbers of Russian and Ukrainian lives for a few kilometres of land. Where if a conscript deserts he is shot by Russians and if he does not desert he is shot by Ukrainians.

In fact, we can predict from Daniel 7:5 that the Russians will lose many more soldiers but not gain any more Ukrainian provinces until the Leopard (Chinese and the rest of the BRICS nations) starts making war itself. The Russian bear is not the Russian people. It is the administration of Russia. The Russian government. It is eating its own people. For that is the essence of satanic government. You sacrifice your subjects for your own advancement. It is the precise opposite of divine government, where the King sacrifices himself for the advancement of his subjects. 

5 And, behold, another beast, a second, like a bear. And it was raised up on one side [against the West not against the East], and 3 ribs [Crimea, Lugansk, Donetsk] in its mouth between its teeth [its military]. And they [the Globlalists] said this to it, Get up [mobilise your troops], eat much flesh [kill a lot of people but get your teeth around no more ribs, no more provinces of Ukraine].
6 After this I was looking, and, behold, another like a leopard, and to it [were] 4 wings of a bird on its back [Indian and Chinese air forces]. And also to the beast [were] 4 heads [BICS, Brazil, India, China, South Africa]. And rulership was given to it [by the globalists. They needed to remove Bolsonaro and replace him with Luiz de Silva]. (Daniel 7)

So the Globalists are instructing Russia to send more conscripts in to get slaughtered and releasing a big Russian arms dealer to arm the Russians to slaughter Ukrainians, whilst sending arms to Ukraine to slaughter Russians They are fomenting and curating both sides of the war at the same time. It is a monstrous and unforgivably heartless and cruel humanitarian tragedy which should have been stopped on day 1. 

But this is the path to WW3. Hence the advice is to prepare yourself and your family and your friends to survive the next 12 months today. Get 12 months’ worth of long-life provisions and pay essential bills 12 months in advance whilst the old currency is still acceptable if you can.

The globalists are representing that their agenda is to get this digital prison in place by 2030. But such a timescale would render the prison useless for the first few years because it would give the professional classes the time they need to make alternative arrangements such as paying the next year’s bills in advance and buying enough dried and tinned food, water, medicines and cleansing gear to last a few years.

Agenda 2030 is the conquest and enslavement of all mankind through Vaccine Passports. Social Credit scores and CBDCs, pervasive surveillance, 15-minute cities etc.

Every conquest relies upon the element of surprise. Don’t be surprised therefore if the true Agenda is 2023. Prepare your defences whilst you still can.


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