A study of adverse reactions to covid injections reported in international databases found that adverse neurological effects were reported after all types of covid injections, more adverse reactions were reported after the second dose compared to the first and women have the highest incidence of neurological complications post-vaccination.

Because the potential side effects of covid “vaccines” have been overlooked, two researchers from Iran set out to conduct a comprehensive review of reports in international databases from 2020 to 2022 reporting neurological side effects from the injections.  The researchers scoured research, review and case report articles in Google Scholar, PubMed, and NCBI databases. Their findings were published in the European Journal of Medicine in February and included a remarkable 102 references.

“There are many reports of side effects after getting a covid-19 vaccine,” the researchers stated. “According to these reports, vaccination can have an adverse event, especially on the nervous system. The most important and common complications are cerebrovascular disorders including cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, transient ischemic attack, intracerebral haemorrhage, ischemic stroke, and demyelinating disorders including transverse myelitis, first manifestation of MS, and neuromyelitis optica. These effects are often acute and transient, but they can be severe and even fatal in a few cases.”

The authors highlighted that with previous vaccines, varying adverse effects have been identified, “for example, the link between influenza, hepatitis, and HPV vaccines with demyelinating syndromes has been discovered, and the injection of influenza vaccine is a reason for the incidence of narcolepsy in young people.” And so, “because covid-19 vaccines were urgently approved, meaning they did not complete the standard clinical trials, the adverse effects of each vaccine should be closely monitored.”

At the time of the study, approximately 68% of the world’s population had been fully vaccinated against covid with one or more of the four types of vaccines: nucleic acid-based vaccine (DNA–mRNA), viral vector (replication–non-replication), live inactivated (or attenuated) virus, and protein (spike protein or its subunits).

“According to data from the CDC, VAERS, and EMA databases, the short-term outcome of covid-19 vaccination is promising,” the authors noted, “but in the medium and long term, especially with some vaccines, side effects have been reported that are worrisome.”

Confirming what Dr. Michael Palmer recently highlighted, the study found that adverse reactions after the second dose are reported more than after the first dose. 

The researchers noted that according to the VAERS database, covid vaccines have several local and systemic neurological complications that usually appear within one day to one month after the injection.  “Women have the highest incidence of neurological complications because they induce a stronger immune response against foreign antigens, which can lead to the targeting of self-antigens and lead to autoimmune disorders,” the study said.

Mild neurological effects of the covid-19 vaccine include weakness, numbness, headache, dizziness, imbalance, fatigue, muscle spasms, joint pain, and restless leg syndrome are more common, while tremors, tinnitus, and herpes zoster are less common.

On the other hand, severe neurological complications included Bell’s palsy, Guillain–Barre syndrome (GBS), stroke, seizures, anaphylaxis, and demyelinating syndromes such as transverse myelitis and acute encephalomyelitis. Among these, the most dangerous neurological complication caused by covid-19 vaccines, especially adenovirus-based, is cerebral venous sinus thrombosis in women of childbearing age.Hosseini, R., Askari, N. A review of neurological side effects of covid-19 vaccination. Eur J Med Res 28, 102 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40001-023-00992-0

We have summarised the study’s findings in the table below.  But it is worthwhile reading the study for yourself, in particular the section titled ‘Acute neurological disorders’ as it covers a wide range of conditions from lack of sense of smell to tinnitus, optic nerve inflammation and Guillain–Barre syndrome.

Side effectCausesVaccine type most likely to cause side effect
Headaches – mild to severe and are felt in the frontal area of the headStress, vascular spasm, and intracerebral or subarachnoid haemorrhage.Vaccines based on mRNA and adenovirus
Vascular complications in the brain – thrombocytopenia, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, ischemic stroke and intracerebral haemorrhageSynthesis of IgG antibodies against platelet factor 4 (PF4). Venous sinus thrombosis and cerebral haemorrhage are more common in women between the ages of 30 and 50 than in menAdenovirus-based vaccines
Acute neurological disorders – transverse myelitis, acute diffuse encephalomyelitis, Bell’s palsy, Guillain–Barre syndrome, encephalopathy and seizures.For example, covid vaccine-related convulsions can be attributed to the synthesis and release of spike proteins. The presence of SARS-CoV-2 spike domain S1 antibodies in cerebrospinal fluid may explain neurological complications after vaccination, such as encephalopathy and seizures. Read study for more …All

The study concluded:

Side effects of covid-19 vaccination have been reported more frequently in people with a history of immune-related diseases or who are more sensitive to age and physiological conditions.

The most important and most common complications are cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (more about AstraZeneca), transverse myelitis (more about Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson), Bell’s palsy (more about Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca), GBS (more about Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson), and the first manifestation of MS (more about Pfizer).Hosseini, R., Askari, N. A review of neurological side effects of covid-19 vaccination. Eur J Med Res 28, 102 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40001-023-00992-0

The authors noted that further studies are required to definitively establish that the covid injections are indeed the cause of these conditions.


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