Dr. Vernon Coleman joined UK Column to provide an analysis of medical corruption and insanity. Backed by years of experience as a doctor, broadcaster, journalist and best-selling author, Dr. Coleman clinically analysed and deconstructed the malevolent health agenda installing itself in the UK and worldwide.

Discussions highlighted the reality of the pharmaceutical industry being used by our government as a weapon of war on the population. Man or woman, young or old, we are all in their cross-wires and, if we value our lives, Dr. Coleman urges us all to stand and fight.

It has all been deliberate, Dr. Coleman told Brian Gerrish of UK Column. Nothing has happened by accident.  Dr. Colman has been researching and writing about medicine and drugs for over 50 years. “What has happened since the early part of 2020, has been unprecedented,” he said.

“The fake pandemic scare started in early 2020 and I remember writing … that in a normal six-month period the number of deaths from the flu – the old fashioned unmarketed, unpromoted flu – can be, according to the World Health Organisation, 650,000 in six months. That is not exceptional, that’s what the World Health Organisation said.  And yet in February/March, they were producing bizarre, figures that were quite out of this world.  And it was patently clear that the pandemic that they were talking about [was] imaginary … There was evidence from the beginning they knew it was a fake pandemic.”

In March 2020 the UK government’s Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (“ACDP”) was asked to assess the seriousness of the coronavirus threat.  The ACDP concluded that it could be downgraded to the level of winter flu.

Gov.UK: Guidance | High consequence infectious diseases (HCID),
retrieved 21 October 2022

Two days after coronavirus (Covid-19) was downgraded to the seasonal flu, the UK government introduced emergency legislation to “tackle the spread of coronavirus.”

So why would they create a fake pandemic? Dr. Coleman’s thoughts in February/March 2020 were that there were three things that they were going to try and do:

  • Kill off as many of the elderly as they possibly could.
  • Get rid of cash.
  • Introduce compulsory vaccinations “because they’ve been trying to do this for years.”

Dr. Coleman briefly discussed the social credit system that is being incrementally implemented in the UK without people even realising it is happening.  Ultimately, we are not going to be able to own anything and the government is going to control every aspect of our lives.

Returning to the aims of the fake pandemic.

The killing of the elderly started years ago with the murderous Liverpool Care Pathway. And then the United Nations made it easy for governments to kill off citizens over the age of 70. Then DNR notices flourished. Then governments slaughtered the elderly by the thousand with the midazolam murders. Today, in the UK, doctors are legally allowed to kill anyone who cannot look after themselves. If you doubt me, read my article on this website entitled `Have You Been Put on a Death List? The UK government ruling is that anyone who is `mildly frail and may need help with heavy housework, shopping and preparing meals can be left to die if they fall seriously ill.

“In the UK, our government is definitely at war with us.  The elderly are regarded as worthless and expensive – because they have to pay pensions to old people and because they ‘oh well, you’re not working so you’re useless so go away we don’t want you’.  And they’re encouraging young people to think the same thing about the elderly instead of thinking ‘what can we learn from the elderly’,” Dr. Coleman said.

“They’ve been killing the old people for years in the health service but now it’s really accelerating. And the DNR notices which they’re slapping on whole communities of people, and which they’re doing very often not asking … they’re just putting the DNR notices on, or they’re killing with the benzos – midazolam, morphine cocktails … We’ve been encouraged to denigrate the elderly and to applaud the drug companies.  The drug companies are the most evil corporations in world history.”

Mrs. Caldicot’s Cabbage War’, a 2002 movie based on Dr. Colemans’ book of the same name, is very poignant to what is happening today.  You can watch the movie HERE.

If we look at where health is going in the UK, it is very much prioritising information and security over healthcare. In the early days, the National Health Service (“NHS”) considered patient care, basic nursing care and tender loving care as all important. This all seems to have been eliminated, explained Debi Evans, an NHS-trained nurse and UK Column’s Nursing Correspondent, who joined the discussion. “The NHS now, I believe, is a dangerous place to be … We seem to be living in an age where the NHS seems to be ruling [over] all of us.”

“I don’t think we have a health service in the UK anymore … it’s been destroyed,” Dr. Coleman responded.

“The [British Medical Association] BMA has said that we have to cut back the amount of money and energy that goes into looking after the people with too many tests and too many treatments – because of climate change.  I couldn’t believe that when that came out.

“Doctors are now insisting on doing everything by video … they’ve lost the placebo response … the elderly have been left to one side … What’s happened now is the health service has been utterly destroyed.  There is effectively no GP service.

“What is it – 7 million people on a waiting list at the moment?  Anyone who’s on a waiting list is on a waiting list because they need treatment.  That figure’s going to reach 12/13 million before the year is out or at the beginning of 2023? That is going to make a massive increase to the mortality figures … far more people are now going to be dying which is, of course, part of the depopulation plan.  The problems in the health service have created within the health service because doctors no longer care.

“The whole of society has been being deliberately destroyed … because they’re preparing us for the Great Reset.”

It seems the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) is indicating that they do not want any more data to be entered into the Yellow Card reporting system for adverse effects. Evans wonders if the Yellow Card reporting system was simply a “smoke screen that they’re paying lip service to.”

“It would appear the yellow card [reports] are going absolutely nowhere, no one’s taking any notice of them or if they are it’s only for the pharmaceutical industry’s good or medical research – certainly not in the patient’s best interest … Now we believe that the Yellow Card [reports] have actually been binned,” she said.

The problem, said Dr, Coleman, is as it has always been.  “Almost everyone involved in the control of drugs has links with the drug industry.  The drug industry controls the medical establishment and they control the committees and the groups.”

“You look at all the people who are involved on these committees, [and] all the doctors who are involved on these committees, and you say: ‘do you have any links [to the pharmaceutical companies]?’ ‘Oh well, of course I have … I do consultancy work for the drug companies, of course I do’.  You can’t have people who are policemen who are also robbing houses.  You can’t have the people that are sitting on these committees to try to decide whether drugs are safe or not if they’re actually also taking big money from drug companies.”

Regarding the malicious use of applied psychology to make the UK population more compliant with the government’s political agenda, by using all sorts of psychological tricks “they have created a form of mental illness,” Dr. Coleman said.

“I worry about them defining discontent and unhappiness as mental illness because then it gets treated.  People have been throwing about ‘the benzos are back’ … they’ve got to get benzodiazepines into people, anti-depressants which don’t work.  Benzodiazepines are the most dangerous, most addictive drugs on the planet … We have to be careful about calling all the disappointments and unhappiness and the discontent – allowing people to dramatize it as a mental illness because I think that’s what the government wants.”

The pharmaceutical industry owns the medical profession, said Dr. Coleman  The pharmaceutical industry owns the NHS.  The NHS pays a ridiculous amount of money for a lot of the rubbish they buy, the covid injections are just part of that.

“It’s a war. We are fighting a war with our own government and we can win it,” said Dr. Coleman. “We have to fight the lies and we have to avoid their little tricks; we have to be aware of all their little tricks … If you’ve got a smart meter, get rid of it … don’t have apps on your smartphone … Don’t be afraid to talk to people and try to persuade people to listen to programs like [UK Column], even if they’re sceptical at the end of it say, ‘okay, go and check everything that you’ve heard, pick out some facts that have been shared and check them out’ … and don’t listen to mainstream media because mainstream media will deny everything.  The BBC will deny everything because they’re a propaganda machine … This is not a game; this is a war.”

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(UK Column: Vernon Coleman| From the Medicine Man to the Cabbage War – An Analysis of Medical Corruption,
1 September 2022 (86 mins) )

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