All searches are from Google Trends. You can replicate this yourself.

A more in-depth analysis of this article can be found here: new Google search analysis done by AMD.

It shows that since Google started tracking search data for all vaccines in history, nobody had any interest in vaccine side effects for any of the 70+ approved vaccines.

But suddenly, in December 2020 when the COVID vaccines roll out, everyone is now interested in vaccine side effects and it is happening simultaneously in EVERY STATE OF THE UNION and it peaks in April 2020 which is when I first learned about vaccine side effects from my friends.

What an amazing coincidence!!!!

“Vaccine side effects”

“Vaccine side effects” started becoming popular in all states simultaneously in December, 2020. I wonder what could have caused that?

“Vaccine side effects” query results


If myocarditis from the vaccine is less than that from COVID, how come we couldn’t find a single cardiologist who was getting fewer cases?

And why did the searches for myocarditis start to rise in March 2021 when vaccines became available for 18-year-olds and really went ballistic right before the May 1 deadline set by Biden for availability for 18-year-olds and older in all states.

Myocarditis query results

“Died suddenly”

Isn’t this interesting? “Died suddenly” was never a thing until November 2021 well into the vaccine rollout, probably when people were getting their boosters which pushed people “over the edge.”

COVID doesn’t kill like this. Wonder what might have caused it?

Sudden adult death syndrome

Why is it suddenly popular all of a sudden? It wasn’t popular before. Something must be causing it… it isn’t COVID.

Hopefully, the CDC will figure it out. They are the best.

Perhaps they can put Dr. Nath on the case? Dr. Nath couldn’t connect the dots between the vaccine and the vaccine injured and he’s camera shy, turning down our interview requests. He’d be the perfect guy to lead the investigation. If you can’t trust Dr. Nath, who can you trust?

Menstrual issues

It became really popular after the vaccines rolled out.

Headache after vaccine

For some odd reason, “headache after vaccine” was just never a thing, but it started spiking after the COVID vaccines, not after any other vaccines.

Hmmm… wonder if the vaccine is affecting your brain??? Nah… just a coincidence. A vaccine causing headaches… boy, that would be REALLY bad. That suggests neurological harm.

But that cannot happen with these vaccines because the FDA says they are safe. They were tested in humans for months! This is because when they were tested in animals, the animals died. Testing in animals would thus be too cruel.

Severe headache after vaccine

The headaches caused by these vaccines aren’t normal. They are severe. And they only happened after the COVID vaccines for some reason.

Affecting your brain seems bad to me. Severely affecting your brain I think is worse, but I’m not a doctor.

Ask your doctor to explain why COVID vaccines cause severe headaches if they are perfectly safe.

And after he gives you a bullshit answer, then ask him how he KNOWS that and have him explain the mechanism of action. He won’t like that question. I guarantee it. He will suddenly become too busy to talk to you. Try it.

Miscarriage after vaccine

I wonder why this only became interesting to people right after the vaccines rolled out in December 2020? This was 5 months before misinformation spreaders like me pointed out the problem to the public. How did people know back then it was a problem? Could it be that it was happening to them?

Bell’s Palsy

Isn’t it odd that there was a huge interest in Bell’s Palsy right when the vaccines rolled out in Dec 2020? It wasn’t even flagged as a side effect of the vaccine. How did everyone know as soon as the vaccine rolled out that the vaccine causes Bell’s Palsy?? The press wasn’t writing about it.

Guillain–Barré syndrome

This became popular only after the vaccines rolled out in July 2021. But Gavin Newsom didn’t develop GBS until the end of October, 2021. Strange, isn’t it? See that second peak to the right of the main peak? That’s Gavin’s peak.


Super popular search term in April 2021 throughout the US. I wonder why? It’s the technical term for blood clots. Weird that people would suddenly take an interest in blood clots. This is before the misinformation spreaders started talking about it, so that wasn’t it. I wonder if people were looking at what was happening to them?

Blood clots

Why are blood clots suddenly popular throughout the US in Feb 2021? This is way before any misinformation spreader is talking about any of this. Something must be causing a lot of blood clots in Feb… look at the spike. Wonder what it might be?

Exercise care in interpreting this data

This data can be used as additional evidence to confirm hypotheses.

However, search terms are heavily influenced by current events, so they must be interpreted carefully. For example, if you look for aphasia, there is a huge spike when Bruce Willis announced he has aphasia at the end of March 2022.

See the follow up article

A more in-depth analysis of this article can be found here: new Google search analysis done by AMD. That article shows the event timelines graphically so you can more easily see the cause and effect.


The point of this article is to raise awareness that:

  1. All of these search results are consistent with the hypothesis that the vaccines are not safe
  2. All of these search results are not consistent with the “false narrative” that the vaccines are safe

So all I’m saying is that all these searches are consistent with our claim that the vaccines aren’t safe at all.

Someone has a lot of explaining to do. That’s why they will ignore this. Even the fact checkers won’t touch it.