At this point Joe Biden is a walking corpse – politically (maybe medically too, diagnosis at a distance is always tricky).

The DEMOCRATS are begging him to promise he won’t run again. It’s only a matter of time before his approval rating falls into the 20s. He is the most ineffective President since at least Herbert Hoover.

Yet the same New York Times poll that puts his approval rating at 33 percent shows him winning a potential 2024 race against Donald Trump.

And that’s right. Because the Jan. 6 hearings have proven beyond a doubt that Donald Trump does not respect the Constitution. Biden is a terrible President, but Trump is a terrible man and a danger to the United States.

The clearest path out of this mess is for the Republican Party to reject Donald Trump and pick someone else – anyone else – to represent it. Yes, the presidential election is more than two years off, but at this point it looks like any other Republican would wipe the floor with Biden (and probably anyone else the Democrats nominate).

And the clearest path to that rejection comes at WARP SPEED.

Trump’s biggest fans hate the Covid vaccines. They hate them more than anything else – more than mail-in ballots or inflation or even abortion (and they HATE abortion). I know. And the Trump fans who hate the vaccines the most are NOT the ones who didn’t take the shots – they’re the ones who did, partly because The Donald encouraged them to do so, and now feel cheated and suckered.

As they should. They gave up their autonomy for nothing.

And this problem is only going to get worse for Trump as the uselessness of the vaccines becomes more and more obvious. Already he is afraid to say “vaccine” in public.

But even Trump, a master at avoiding responsibility, cannot dodge the fact that he and his administration are responsible for the mRNA vaccines. Even worse for Trump is the fact that Ron DeSantis, his most powerful challenger, has taken a very different stance.

Ultimately the vaccines will prove Trump’s Kryptonite. His base hates them more than they love him.

Finally, some good out of the mRNAs.