Featured image: World’s Largest Solar Farm to Be Built in Australia – But They Won’t Get the Power, Science Alert, 22 October 2020

This week, Germany shut down its last three nuclear reactors. Amidst the greatest self-induced energy crisis caused by demands to cut Europe off of cheap Russian gas, Germany’s Minister for the Environment Steffi Lemke stated with all the confidence of a devoted cult member “The position of the German government is clear: nuclear power is not green. Nor is it sustainable… We are embarking on a new era of energy production.”

This “new era of energy production” is in truth, merely a euphemism for depopulation.

The following are extracts from the article ‘Germany Celebrates Fealty to Depopulation Lobby with Shut Down of Nuclear Energy Sector’ published by The Last American Vagabond.  Read the full article HERE.

The Fallacy of Decarbonisation

For those celebrating that the exit from nuclear is providing an opportunity to embrace solar and wind energy, a sad slap of reality has also occurred. Not only have energy costs skyrocketed wherever “green” energies have been built, but the toxic waste caused by those photovoltaic cells far outpaces anything produced by the dirtiest nuclear reactor.

Solar panels have life expectancies of 25 years, after which their disposal becomes nearly impossible as they contain similar heavy metals and toxins as is found in computers and cell phones. They also contain vast toxic metals such as lead and carcinogens such as cadmium.

Disproving the very definition of “renewable energy,” wind mills – which are as tall as a Boing 747 – cannot produce the energy density to melt the steel and produce the material needed to build a windmill.

And so-called “renewable energy” has a direct and devastating impact on the environment.  Entire forests face clear cropping in the name of solar and wind farms whose demands for vast swaths of land are gargantuan in comparison to the space needed to operate a modern third generation reactor.

Solar and wind energy also fail the “sustainability test” on yet another front: mining. The amount of materials which must be produced, mined and utilised in the construction of “green” energy systems far outweighs the same metrics used to create and maintain a nuclear power plant.

Fear of Radiation is a Fraud

The idea that radiation is deadly has been spread by a Malthusian lobby which has pushed the absurd notion that ALL doses of radiation are deadly under the theory of the linear no-threshold model (“LNT”) which was adopted as a standard of medicine in 1959. This LNT hypothesis asserts without evidence that if a lot of radiation will kill you 100% of the time, a fraction of that dose will kill you a fraction of the time… which is equivalent to saying that if drinking 100 litres of water will kill you 100% of the time, drinking 1 litre of water will kill you 1% of the time.

Fear of radiation is a fraud pushed by a Malthusian lobby whose goal has been to dismantle the sovereign nation state by getting its victims to undermine their own basis of existence. This is the realisation of the Trilateral Commission policy announced by Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker who called for a “controlled disintegration” of industrial civilization in 1978. This is the program of Maurice Strong as he decapitated Canada’s nuclear program in the 1990s and called for the collapse of industrial civilisation. This is the policy which is at the heart of the ‘Green New Deal’ being spread by London bankers like Mark Carney and King Charles which is really just another name for de-population.


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