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Case filed by attorney Ray Flores with support from Children’s Health Defense.


This is a very important case to watch. The family of George Watts, Jr. a 24-year-old man who died from COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the Chief Operating Officer of the Operation Warp Speed at the time that George received 2 doses of Pfizer injections.

Link to the court filing here

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Ray Flores, the attorney filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia against the DOD and Lloyd Austin III in his official capacity as defense secretary.

The lawsuit alleges the DOD engaged in “willful misconduct” by continuing to exclusively allow distribution of the stockpiled version of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that had been authorized for emergency use even after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted full approval to a different vaccine, Comirnaty.

The complaint states that the DOD engaged in ‘bait and switch’ fraud,” misleading the public that Comirnaty “approval” meant that the Emergency Use authorized injections were the same and thus “safe and effective”. The vast majority of the public, including health professionals today to not understand the distinction and do not know that the injections administered to the public are still only EUA. No approved versions have been made available. Also, very few people realize that both EUA and BLA versions are “countermeasures”.

The DOD did this despite being fully aware that drugs granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) cannot legally be marketed as “safe and effective” because the FDA standard for EUA is only that drugs “may be effective.”

As a result, the lawsuit alleges, George Watts Jr. was misled into taking the investigational vaccine which lead to his death from myocarditis.

The victim’s family went through the “correct” process, applying to the Countermeasures compensation fund and not receiving a response. To date the fund paid out a whopping $8K in 3 claims. There is an autopsy conclusion that the victim was indeed killed by the shots.

The reasons I think this is a very important lawsuit:

The correct defendants are named! Finally a case that does not bark up the “Pfizer-Pfizer-Pfizer” diversion tree, but goes for the head of the Monster via its important vital organ! The DOD and Austin (also Gen Perna who was formally COO of OWS) directed pharma to produce weapons whether the executives and underlings understood it or not is somewhat irrelevant, they were commandeered under the Defense Production Act. The DOD oversaw the total disregard for safety, trashing of the normal pharma regulations and consumer protections, and used service members and civilians including pregnant women and children as experimental rats. They also knowingly stockpiled and distributed bio-chemical poison, after being aware of unprecedented death and injury toll, and continued to lie non-stop to the public to this day. The suit does not allege all of the above, but it aims importantly at all of this which can become part of the discovery.

The complaint is very well drafted, so that DOD’s responses would have to address the dual-use questions: is is a weapon or a medicine? How would one know?

This lawsuit has the potential to bring to light the “covered countermeasure” products: EUA authorized vs BLA licensed, legally distinct but biologically the same class of unregulated, undisclosed-to-recipients toxic compounds. In addition, the DOD role as a “covered person” should be examined: were they just “directing” the process vs actually being part of the manufacturing and distributing entities? And why in the first place would DOD direct a set of civilian manufacturers (in the area DOD has no competence)? What precisely DOD’s role was, and how the Defense Production Act legal defenses can be invoked? Will they have to finally admit that Trump authorized war conditions in the US by PHE declaration in March 2020, and therefore use of biological weapons on the US civilian population?

There is even a possibility to discuss the effective suspension of the Constitution, as the DOD may need to argue that constitution is suspended during PHE and inapplicable.

There is a lot of discussion of lying by public and military officials and thus many issues related to the Nuremberg code and lack of informed consent. While the evildoers created a pseudo-legal structure for themselves to intentionally but covertly kill people under pseudo-war conditions, they had to lie about this very extensively. I believe that is where their most significant vulnerability is – being forced in court to explain that they were lying, and explain why.

The case is being funded by the Children’s Health Defense, and we should all thank them for doing this important work and their support of the victim’s family.

As a background, my position on the criminal organization structure of this crime is explained here:

Clarification of My Message on the Global Mass Murder Campaign




Clarification of My Message on the Global Mass Murder Campaign

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