By Paul Serran 

In another one in a series of Globalist policies, French president Emmanuel Macron has now decided that his administration will work to implement a law on an ‘End of Life Model”.

This is seen by his critics as a dangerous first step towards legalizing euthanasia in the country.

Reuters reports:

‘President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday France must improve the availability of palliative care and there would be a draft bill by the end of the summer on whether some form of assisted dying should be allowed.

He said the bill would build on the work of a group of 184 randomly appointed French citizens who have debated the issue since December. They concluded their work this weekend with 76% of them saying they favored allowing some form of assistance to die, for those who want it.

Macron did not say whether he wanted euthanasia or assisted suicide to be allowed in France or if the bill would include either or both. He said thinking on the matter would continue by then but consensus was important on such a sensitive matter.’

The National Council of Doctors of France has put out a statement that it opposes involving doctors in helping people kill themselves.

In France, neither euthanasia nor assisted suicide practices are legal, and many nationals, like film director Jean-Luc Godard, travel to Switzerland to end their lives.

Legendary French film director Jean-Luc Godard chose to end his life by assisted suicide in Switzerland.

UK Telegraph:

“[Macron] said any changes would have to ‘guarantee the expression of free and enlightened desire’ to die and the ‘reiteration of this choice’. Medically assisted death could only be allowed when a patient suffered from an incurable “psychological and physical” condition, he added.

Mr Macron ruled out assisted death being extended to children and pledged more funds for palliative care so that all French who need it can receive it.”

While some people see in this move an attempt to change the political narrative from the chaotic struggle around his ‘Pension Reform’ – that was enacted without a vote in parliament – others see a much greater connection, in the sense that authorizing and stimulating the elderly and the ill to end their lives is a dark and macabre way of relieving the state coffers and keep French social security viable a bit longer.

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