Cardiologist valiantly warns of jab injuries but claims “biopharmaceutical complex” is alone behind deaths and infertility that are mere “vaccine frenzy” (Updated 3/5/23)

James Hill, MD

Arguably the most important early Covid treatment advocate and a brilliant opponent of ineffective and harmful Covid injections, Peter McCullough MD has switched from calling the Covid vaccine operation “bioterrorism” to saying nucleic acid injections encoding an ethnically targeting Covid spike protein were just “poorly thought out” and “not harmful by design.”

Was he threatened?

I can’t believe Dr. McCullough would accept a bribe. That can’t be it.

Maybe he’s justifiably concluded it’s better to save potentially millions of people by continuing to warn of Covid shot damage than to stop speaking out, even if it means he must now conceal the perpetrators and nature of their bioattack.

Like other prominent media figures including Dr. Robert Malone, he’s now proposing forgiveness and amnesty for the bioweaponeers so long as they “admit their mistakes.”

Dr. McCullough’s early bioweapon recognition

In the June 2021 video interview below with Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. McCullough said Covid spike protein-encoding nucleic acid shots were “phase two of bioterrorism.”

Dr. Peter McCullough (video above at 13:15):

We know that this is bioterrorism.

We know that this is phase two of bioterrorism.

And we don’t know who’s behind it, but we know that they want a needle in every arm, to inject messenger RNA or adenovirus DNA into every human being.

They want every human being.

Our goal is — we can’t stop everybody — but our goal is to get a large group that they cannot get to, that they cannot vaccinate, and that would be COVID recovered, suspected COVID recovered, those with immunity, children, pregnant women, childbearing women.

We want a big bloc.

And if we can get that big bloc and break them, if we can break the needle in every arm, then I think it will be exposed.

Dr. McCullough was astutely describing the bioweapon operation many of us saw then and now.

Nearly two years later and after co-authoring a book framing Covid treatment suppression as simply a fight with “big pharma greed,” Dr. McCullough has changed his tune.

He now spouts the same line we hear from Tucker Carlson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Del Bigtree, all of whom NIH insider Dr. Bart Classen says are [redacted] operatives: that Covid jab harms should be chalked up to unintentional “mistakes,” overzealous “vaccine frenzy,” and global organizations seeking “power and money.”

Killing but not by design?

Interviewer (video above at 28:00):

Based upon what you’ve seen, do you believe this vaccine was developed with an intent to harm people?

Because it’s hard to make sense of everything. They haven’t stopped this. They’ve just been shoving it harder and harder and harder.

Dr. Peter McCullough:

I don’t think it’s by design.

I just think that vaccinations are a really bad idea.

The inventors of these technologies, you know, did a very poor job conceptually of how to do this.

We would never have a human cell producing an abnormal protein. Never.

It’s just the worst idea ever.

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