In October 2020, Swiss lawyer Michael Lusk wrote an article on his LinkedIn page urging that, in the wake of the coronavirus “pandemic,” Deagel’s 2025 Forecast be given serious attention.  Lusk’s article focused on the economic well-being of people comparing citizens of NATO and non-NATO countries. 

Based on Deagel’s Forecast 2025, Lusk wrote: “In Deagel’s [ ] image of 2025, Russia flowers while Europe is ruined. Deagel signals that Great Britain [ ] is to be ruined most comprehensively.”’s infamous 2025 population forecast was removed from their website in April 2021 but the content was reproduced by Nobul Art for reference purposes. 

In a September 2021 article, Metallicman – who described the Deagel corporation as a minor branch of US military intelligence –  explored what the population reduction in the 2025 Deagel Forecast could mean in terms of what we were witnessing at the time.

“There are all sorts of people slicing and dicing these figures,” he wrote and then went on to discuss some theories.  While Metallicman didn’t agree with these theories he conceded: “Nevertheless, they do point out something interesting. That there is a direct correlation between the nations that are giving mRNA vaccinations and those that do not.”

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While the forecast population reduction raises many questions, Lusk’s analysis adds another perspective considering what we are witnessing two and a half years later with the splitting of the world into two – NATO and BRICS. Below is Lusk’s article.

The following slideshow shows captured screenshots of’s Forecast 2025 which has since been removed from their website.

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Premonition of 2024 (“Deagel”) has self-identified as a guide to military aviation and advanced technologies. Since 2014 it publishes Forecast 2025, which notoriously predicts a “Western collapse.” Under cover of a long-planned political event vigorously promoted by the WHO, governments and media as a “coronavirus pandemic,” Western governments presently engage in a systematic campaign to destroy citizens’ life, liberty and property. The formerly implausible Forecast 2025 now warrants serious attention.

This note provides an overview of the content of Deagel’s current Forecast 2025. It comprises two charts illustrating population and economic prospects for a wide range of countries, according to Deagel’s present indications. Broadly speaking, Deagel continues to foreshadow grim prospects for the US and the NATO-complex, incorporating non-NATO US allies (e.g., Australia and New Zealand) and NATO-vassal States (e.g. Libya). By contrast, Deagel foreshadows positive prospects for China, parts of Latin America and Southeast Asia, and especially for Russia.

The first chart shows the prospects for an individual’s relative economic well-being as a function of population change in the relevant country in 2025 as compared to 2017.

The second chart shows the prospects for a country’s relative economic well-being as a function of change in its military spending in 2025 as compared to 2017.

The charts show a change in each country’s position from the modelled perspective of 2025 relative to the same country’s position in 2017.

This does not necessarily match countries’ modelled positions relative to each other in 2025. Each chart plots a selection of countries drawn from a common subset of 77 out of the 179 countries presented in the current Forecast 2025.

In making the selections I aimed to ensure legibility by allowing only peripherally overlapping entries. In each chart, the selection has a European bias, and otherwise usually shows the more populous rather than the less populous country in case of overlap.

Within the scope of the selections made, the charts accurately reflect the content of Forecast 2025. Countries are identified by codes according to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, with common surrounding symbols indicating common regions; e.g. where a country code is placed within a violet square, the violet square signifies South Asia.

Geopolitical relations, or at least perceived similarities, among countries, are indicated by coloured clouds. NATO-complex countries are indicated by blue clouds.

Purple clouds unite NATO-complex countries which, having regard to Deagel’s Forecast 2025, seem to be breaking away from the NATO complex in the context of the foreshadowed “Western collapse.”

Countries outside the NATO complex are encompassed by yellow clouds. Countries in the latter category may have no other similarities to each other.

Readers should form their own views regarding Deagel.

Wikileaks and #PIZZAGATEwiki are informative sources. Blogs, e.g.,, provide relevant commentary. In a recent interviewDr. Katherine Horton explained the practice of cartel-signalling, of which Forecast 2025 may be an example.

Dr. Horton’s website further includes a pertinent reference document dated 29 March 2018 (metadata), citing a post by Ryan Zimmerman.

Deagel apparently comprises a think tank informed by the CIA, NSA and others inside the Beltway. Accordingly, it seems that Washington insiders persistently signal the imminent demise of the US empire including NATO, with China and Russia emerging as hegemons [with dominant influence or authority over others].

The picture painted by Deagel may be contrasted with the cartoon map published in the 1890 special Christmas edition of Henry Labouchère’s weekly journal Truth. Presumably the work of British insiders, the then bizarre map foreshadowed the emergence of European “republics” and the reduction of Russia to a “desert,” each being a transformation substantially achieved by the end of World War I.

In Deagel’s contrasting image of 2025, Russia flowers while Europe is ruined. Deagel signals that Great Britain, i.e., the principal architect of the “Russian desert,” is to be ruined most comprehensively.

On the other hand, Deagel indicates Finland, Hungary and The Netherlands may navigate the foreshadowed European upheaval with relatively little loss.

However, Rushi Sunak’s government seems determined to deliver that particular outcome for the UK ahead of schedule.


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