21.06.23 (11)

Featured image: Image tweeted at Matt Hancock (left), Nurses praised as Covid-19 jab programme reaches top four groups (right)

Geert Vanden Bossche explains that innate immunity protects unvaccinated people from covid escape variants.  Conversely, a recent study concludes that those who are “up to date” with their covid injections had a higher risk of covid.  That’s not all that covid vaccinated people have to contend with; a recent analysis of the original Phase 3 trial data for both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA products found a demonstrable risk of serious adverse events.

There has been a cover-up of covid injection deaths and injuries helped by the media whose propaganda has killed millions.  But the mRNA fanatics are being exposed one by one and some of them are getting nervous.

For those who struggle to envisage there has been a covid conspiracy, Attorney Thomas Renz and US Senator Rand Paul discuss the origins of covid with Senator Paul calling for an “international consortium of countries” to cut gain-of-function research.

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