Will Truth and Justice Prevail, After All?


I am thrilled to report that the “Covid reckoning” we hoped for is underway. The state of Texas is joining the bandwagon.

The day’s news is that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is opening an investigation into fraud committed by Pfizer and others. Texas Attorney General’s office will try to find out whether vaccine manufacturers committed fraud and misrepresented the effectiveness and safety of Covid vaccines.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton plans to investigate whether their companies misrepresented the efficacy and safety of the vaccines and manipulated vaccine trial data. 

On Monday, Paxton will launch an investigation into potential violations of his state’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, he has revealed exclusively in The Post. 

He also wants to know whether the pharmaceutical giants engaged in gain-of-function research and misled the public about it. 

Mr. Paxton is concerned that Pfizer and Moderna violated the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

I predicted that it would happen:

German Press Discusses Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud. Will “Covid Reckoning” Follow?



17. FEB.

German Press Discusses Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud. Will "Covid Reckoning" Follow?

I am pleasantly surprised to see the mainstream German publication Die Welt openly asserting that clinical trials of the “Pfizer COVID vaccine” were rife with fraud. (paywall-free German language link, PDF with English translation) What a change! Again,

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This Texas investigation follows Florida’s grand jury, convened last December to investigate violations of Florida laws:

DeSantis Empanels GRAND JURY To Investigate Pfizer and Moderna



13. DEZEMBER 2022

DeSantis Empanels GRAND JURY To Investigate Pfizer and Moderna

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Both Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, and Ken Paxton, Attorney General of Texas, are shrewd political operators. While they correctly follow the laws of their states to stop specific wrongdoings by Big Pharma and the corrupt Covid science, they are also expecting to get political benefits from protecting their citizens in a public and open manner. God bless them!

We are witnessing the rise of the new political climate that favors investigations of Covid wrongdoings, exposition of specific crimes committed in the name of “science,” and punishment of offenders who broke particular laws meant to protect citizens.

The following section is copied verbatim from my previous post, where I predicted Covid reckoning. You can see that the social tendencies described in it powerfully combine to bring about investigations, which will hopefully lead to well-deserved punishments:

A “General COVID Reckoning” Will Follow!

(this section was copied from this post)

A question that many of us are asking is, “Will there be trials.” A friend of this substack, Eugyppius, concludes with regret that “there will be no Corona reckoning in Germany.”

I am not an expert on German politics, but I would like to make a statement: in more than one country, though possibly not in Germany, there WILL be Corona reckoning. A mini-reckoning is already happening in Florida, which gives us a hint of the future.

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, is a shrewd political operator who expects to benefit politically from defending the public from Covid vaccines.

I am optimistic that some reckoning and some punishments will happen. Consider this:

  • Almost everyone was affected by Corona vaccinations. People were either vaccinated or discriminated against, with the extent of discrimination varying from country to country.
  • [added a day later] A large fraction of vaccinated people were forced to vaccinate and are resentful of what happened to them.
  • Covid vaccination harmed a significant fraction of vaccine recipients. The harms are numerous. A Thailand study found 29% of young males having subclinical heart damage, for example. I discussed, numerous times, immune system damage affecting vaccinated people who suffer Covid reinfections and endless other illnesses.
  • While many vaccinated individuals do not realize that Covid vaccines affected them, they can be easily convinced that they are vaccine victims when presented with evidence.
  • Many vaccinated people had multiple COVID infections. If nudged, they will see the apparent disconnect between promises and the ugly reality.
  • Lawsuits against Big Pharma, and possibly against Google and Facebook, will, naturally, make many people consider whether they are also victims when financial compensation becomes a possibility.
  • People understandably fear death, and the excess mortality we are experiencing worldwide should unsettle any person whose risk of death is heightened in a mysterious, unknowable way.
  • Many political operators will realize they can build a career by being anti-Covid-vaccine and demanding retributions.
  • There is a possibility of mass hysteria created around “will the Covid vaccine kill me,” which the above-mentioned political operators can turn to their advantage. While this has the potential of turning ugly, it is an important factor.

Thus, hopefully, we will see investigations, further revelations, accusations, recriminations, and hopefully punishment of those who force-injected almost the entire world with unproven, dangerous, and non-working genetic concoctions.

These investigations may bring about “regime change” in many countries, and the revelations would cement the new status quo – so we can expect much more to come.

Will Punishments be Underwhelming?

If history is any guide, almost all such reckonings of the past were excessively lenient. This applies to “Nuremberg 1.0” in Germany and the numerous “truth and reconciliation commissions” set up to grapple with the bloody history of many nations. Powerful forces usually unite to limit the extent of justice meted out.

Is such lenience justified? Many people would have differing opinions, and I expect my readers to disagree robustly in comments. I will not state my own opinion as to whether lenience and some degree of forgiveness are necessary so as not to prejudice the discussion. Let us know what you think!

Also, remember that there are several categories of Covid wrongdoers:

  • Reckless scientists who received millions of dollars designing Sars-Cov-2
  • Megabillionaires who benefited financially from Covid vaccinations that they promoted via corrupt press
  • Big Pharma companies, who made billions while paying public organizations to push for vaccine mandates
  • Dishonest “Covid scientists” who lied about Covid vaccines to receive grants from various stakeholders
  • Ignorant politicians and administrators who implemented vaccine mandates without any understanding of the health consequences
  • Journalists beholden to radical ideologies who refused to do their main journalistic job to question authorities
  • Private citizens who advocated Covid vaccines without the slightest idea of what they were talking about, often doing so thoughtlessly because of political party affiliation
  • Who else?

We cannot and should not treat all people the same. Justice in determining punishment or sanctions requires an individualized assessment of the personal wrongdoing of particular persons.

However, most national “reckonings” also involved political reforms to prevent evil from ever happening again. If we do not want the wrongs of the previous three years to happen to our grandchildren, we must ensure that the potential future wrongdoers will be sufficiently deterred.

A system to prevent such overreach, defend citizens’ fundamental rights, and ensure the protection of dissent, should be strengthened.

What do you think? Will we see some justice, or will the Covid investigations end with a whimper and “pandemic amnesty”?

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