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During a First Committee of the Senate debate on the supply of medicines, Colombian Health Minister Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo said vehemently that “all Colombians who are vaccinated [against covid-19] served for the greatest experiment that has been carried out in the entire history of humanity …  We cannot continue experimenting with the Colombian community.”

The Congress of Colombia consists of the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives. Each house elects permanent commissions.  There are currently 14 in Congress – seven in each house. The First Commission consists of 19 senators and 35 representatives.  It is responsible for constitutional amendments, statutory laws, constitutional rights and duties, territorial organisation, regulation of control organisms, peace, structure organisation of the central administration, ethnic affairs and other administrative matters.

On 28 November during a First Committee debate, Mr. Jaramillo said:

“We are playing with the lives of Colombians, we cannot be a factor of experimentation. All of us who are vaccinated today, today, with the exception of those who took Sinovac,

“I have three from Sinovac, all the new technology is a technology and all the vaccines entered here without permission, we went and became an experiment.

“All Colombians who are vaccinated served for the largest experiment that has been carried out in the entire history of humanity.

“We cannot continue experimenting with the Colombian community, much less with the indigenous people, with the blacks and with the poorest of this country, with the peasants.”

The debate in the Colombian Senate is in Spanish.  Below is a clip with English subtitles.  You can watch the full debate HERE.

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