Good grief! These idiots are going to start a nuclear war!

What is happening? Whoever would have predicted this?

While Communist China works to bring a peace deal to the Ukraine-Russia war, the Biden regime is ramping up threats of nuclear war against Russia.

The National Archives recently declassified footage of B52s dropping nuclear bombs. This comes at the same time that Russia announced it was positioning nuclear weapons in Belarus.

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The Daily Mail reported:

Declassified footage from 1960 revealed how the United States Air Force would perform nuclear strikes if needed amid the Cold War.

The video, Nuclear Effects During SAC Delivery Missions, released by The US National Archives and Records Administration on March 20 helped prepare bomber crews operating B-52s.

At the time, the aircrafts had nuclear missiles onboard that were ready to launch if the US was attacked by the Soviet Union.

The start of the 30-minute training video reads, ‘Secret – To be Shown to Authorized Personnel ONLY,’ which helped servicemen understand the effects of the weapons and how to safely return to their bases after deploying the missiles.

US officials released the video as Russian leaders warned of an ‘apocalypse’ if the West continues to send arms to Ukraine to help the country in its fight against invading forces.

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